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Hey, . THIS is the night!!! . But hey, do we still think that blondes really will have the most New Year’s fun? . Yet blonde moment. . . What do you think!

Here We Go Again.

Hi, . Here we go again. What on earth is it with trains, and train passengers, these days! . In this clip taken just before Christmas, we have another strange on a London train. During this particular incident, we see a passenger wearing headphones, who is grooving to the beat of his own drum. . […]

Abuse On The Bus

Hello, . Sadly, not everyone is feeling ‘ full of the spirit of Christmas and goodwill towards men’, . Over the last few months there have been many agressive rants being filmed on our trains, trams, buses and our streets, in some cases accompanied by physical violence. . Here is one such incident, which took […]

Poem: You Never Forget About It.

You Never Forget About It. . . I know that old lady. The one with the two sticks And lots of untidy white hair Ordered to stay under that nasty felt hat. She used to be my infant school teacher. We all called her ‘Miss’ And she smacked our hands With a hard wood ruler. […]

Amazing What Some People Throw Out!!

Hi, . Well, you can find some very strange things in the garbage. . This week, a Canadian garbage truck was doing it’s collecting in outlying disticts before heading back into downtown . . Imagine the surprise when the people in that city suddenly see the head of a bear popping up out of the […]

Apples Falling From The Sky.

Hi, . So, have you still got stewed apples left over from Christmas day, to put in the turkey sandwiches?….I have!! For me, it is very important not to forget to buy a bagfull of them in the panic of the festive rush. . However, for some lucky people, apples can just appear out of […]

Ahhh, Cat Calms Crying Baby.

Hi, . Here is a quick, but sweet, little video for you. . . . . Ahhhhh! . . .

Christmas Day Is Finally Here.

A Merry Merry Christmas to you, . What can I say to you on such a special morning except that …. and please do imagine me saying it with glittering tinsel round my head, a sticky glass of Buck’s Fizz in my hand, and a half empty box of Belgian chocolates nearby! . I am […]

Poem: Christmas Eve.

Poem: Christmas Eve. . . It’s hard work trying To swim against the tide Of office workers Released from the pen, Moving through the spaces like salmon Going home. . . .  

Whoaahhh. Flyboarding by Zapata Racing.

Hi, . If you watched the 2008 film ‘Ironman’, starring Robert Downey Jnr. in the lead role, and wished to be like the superhero Tony Stark….then this post is especially for you. Everything eventually comes to he, or she, who waits. . Now , a gentleman named Franky Zapata, from Marseilles in France, has unveiled […]