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January 2011

Haiku: Early Hours.

Voice. . . The quiet of night – The absence of daily noise Reveals a darker voice . .

Poem: Secret Squirrel.

Secret Squirrel. . . It is all in the hands Of the old rain gods. Though we won’t accept it They do have complete control Even in Virginia. Looking into the silver mirror Is the way to communicate With the old knowledge Buried in the deep cover . .

Ambam Is Walking Tall.

Hi, . Got to tell you about this latest U Tube craze. . This time it is Ambam….a Western Lowland gorilla. A special gorilla….one who walks like a man! . This furry, silverback gentleman is a cutie who stands 6ft tall and weighs in at a more than respectable 35 stone. . It is unusual […]

Rickets Alert!

Hey, . Greetings upon another freezing cold morning. It was so cold last night that we had a small fall of snow again…and then again. Stop it this minute….I don’t like it anymore!! . Where is the summer, I cannot wait for warmth and sunshine. At least I am not afraid of the sun, and […]

Mud Sucks.

Hello, . The weekend starts here. . I woke up later than usual this morning, due to having a bit of a last night. First of all I  enjoyed the pleasure of Big H feeling so well that he made me a lovely meal of pasta with pesto, accompanied by  red salmon (tinned). . He […]

A Different Tack Today.

Hey, . Friday’s back….weekend’s nigh….yeahhhhh! . Actually I have just realised that today’s heading could be quite misleading for those of you who are of a horse riding type ‘cos this has nothing to do with horses. Sorry about that. I actually don’t know much about horses at all, except for the fact that sat […]

The Wigs From Hell.

Good morning Peeps, . Well it is once again….roll on the weekend! . Wednesday was a very frustrating day once the postman had delivered. We received our Georgian-style from the fancy-dress site on the Internet….great excitement. We opened the bags up and had a look….extreme disappointment. . What a load of total crap they were. […]

Bugs, Bugs, Bugs, Bugs.

Hi, . So we greet a pale grey ….but not too cold. . Yesterday went very well. Big H completed all of his tests at the hospital without exploding or having any of the possible side effects, except for feeling a bit weird after the growth hormone had been injected. So that was good, and […]

All The World’s A Stage.

Hey, . Well here I am again and history is once more. . Having gone to bed at 2.00am, I again managed to be totally awake again just before 4am. . I would much rather be in bed where it is warm but I would eventually get restless and that would disturb Big H, who […]

Naked Streaker Hits A Glass Wall.

Happy Monday, . . I hope it is going well for you….and that none of you are pointlessly banging your heads against glass ceilings in your drive for advancement. . However it could be worse and far more painful, especially if you are called Tom Annandale. . Here we have an amusing video of that […]