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January 2011

Aerial Display.

Hi, . What a bloody early morning I have had. . Once more I got up again in because I could not get back to sleep. . I hate having to do that at the moment because it is absolutely freezing at that time of night. I ended up wearing my sheepskin boots, then my […]

The Best Laid Plans.

Hello, . Yet another . And they still keep coming around with amazing regularity too. . Up until this moment my morning was getting increasingly frustrating because I could not get my damned computer to access the  server at all. This meant that, although I was ready to get my post done quickly and early, […]

Dressy-Up Time.

Hi, . How are you doing. Never mind, even if your week has been rubbish, the chances are that you will now have a weekend off to get yourself back into balance. . So, no wonder it suddenly became so cold last night, we woke up this morning to a world of once again. Brrrrrr, […]


Hey, . Greetings once more, on a very cold morning. . I was told by a cheerful soul yesterday that we can expect to have a return to the freezing cold, snowy weather again today. I did not want to believe it, but last night it suddenly became dreadfully chilly, so we may indeed be […]

See No Evil.

Hi, . Sometimes you just read something, and the questions which are raised can be most uncomfortable. . What on earth would you do if you saw someone being savagely beaten by a group of young men, on the street, and in broad daylight. . We are all so afraid, out there these days, that […]

Insomniacs Inc.

Hello, . Well, here I am again, up in the middle of the night….almost , no-one in the place etc…..as Frank Sinatra used to say! . I did go to bed sensibly at half past twelve, but Big H came with me and lay there reading for longer than me. I tried to go to […]

Poem: Married Time.

Married Time. . . It is the inheritance Of all our partnered time, The simple habits learned, The quirks accommodated. It’s the toast that’s slightly burned To suit a wayward taste, The spoons in bed, the colour red, The sum of all the words we’ve said. . .


Hi, . Do you want the good news or the bad news. Let’s start with the good… Well, we are still unseasonably warm here at the moment, which is a welcome change from the Arctic style conditions…. but…. There are now flood warnings all over the country because of unusually high rainfall which is swelling […]

Mothers And Sons….And Michael Buble.

Hi, . Just to cheer you up, and give a good start to your , I am going to do this post about a young man called Sam Holyman….and his mother. . This is about a mother who wants to help her son and make him happy. . During a Michael Buble concert in Birmingham […]

Waking Up.

Hi, . We have had a change in the weather here, thank goodness. It has suddenly become warmer, with intermittent blue skies, not exactly summery but different enough to give us hope that the summer may actually arrive at some time! . As all of the horrible black ice is now gone, we are able […]