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January 2011

A Lifetime Love.

Hey, . How strange love is. . And how closely would you be bound together with someone you have been in love with for almost 70 years. This is the story of a couple who were married long ago, after courting for three years . They had three children, all boys, and enjoyed their grandchildren […]

Michael Jackson. Involuntary manslaughter.

Hi. . Well it has been dragging on for a long time, but eventually a decision has been reached with regard to the death of Michael Jackson. . If you remember, he died just before his planned concerts, and after his death the film footage shot during the rehearsal period was put together into a […]

Poem: Moth.

Moth. . . Bewitched Spellbound And entranced Like Trilby With her Svengali. . . The story of Svengali and Trilby, written by George Du Maurier, was first published in 1894. It became a bestseller and was made into an excellent film in 1931. . . .

The Human Spider.

Hey, . More fascinating stuff for you today if you enjoy watching extreme . . Have you heard of Alain Robert….an most unusual Frenchman. . Alain is now very famous because he has climbed….and conquered…. 80 of the world’s highest buildings. And, believe it or not, he does these scary climbs without using any equipment […]

Poem: Dead Time.

Dead Time. . . At  3 am, Looking around A shadowed bedroom, It all seems to be charged With a great expectancy. . .

Sexual Healing.

Hey, . Does music ‘turn you on’. Does it add to the thrill of love making. Is there a reason why music really does set the scene for successful seduction. . Of course there is. It has now been proved by scientific research carried out by researchers from McGill University in Montreal. It is now […]

Poem: Stormy Weather.

Stormy Weather. . . Hold fast, Don’t give up To the pressures Of a high tide. You can weather The hardest storm And pick up the pieces Left beside the waterline. . .

The Nightmare Begins Again.

Hi Peeps, . How are you today. Hey, I know that it is , but there is another weekend coming very soon! . Hopefully you did at least enjoy a fine weekend. . Mine was moving along nicely yesterday, snuggled up with the Sunday papers and an afternoon whiskey, until I decided to pop out […]

Poem: Rorschach.

Rorschach. . . Gazing at black patterns In a January sky, Formed as rooks swarm together In the late afternoon. . .

Apocalypse Now?

Hey, . How are you doing this . I hope that your weekend is exceeding all of your expectations! . Ours has been a little disappointing owing to the inclement weather. I awoke this morning to find that the bloody snow is back, and it is incredibly cold, with everything frozen up solid. . Yesterday […]