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February 2011

Poem: They’re Tough Up North.

They’re Tough Up North. . . How can you tell When it’s winter up North. It’s very easy really, Everyone adds a red nose To their usual outfit. How  can you tell When it’s summer up North. It’s very easy really, Everyone wears their usual outfit But the red nose goes. . .

Iris DeMent. True Grit Film.

Good day. . . I am intending to see the new 2010 film version of the classic just as soon as I can. . The original film was great and Wayne’s performance as Rooster Cogburn was most excellent indeed. Cowboy films are not my favourite type of movie but it had just about everything to […]

Bitten By Bedbugs On BA Planes.

Hi. . This is my fourth post in a series, which are all concerned with the same nasty and matter, I hope that all is well with you, although it may not be if you have just been on a flight with BA. . I have been reading a shocking story about the flight that […]

Binge Britain On Film.

Hey, . We all like . . Most of us like the odd drink. . Some of us do go a bit far at times. . However, it does generally seem that the accusations that are frequently levelled at us, about ours being a ‘binge-drinking’ culture, sadly seems to be true. . There is now […]

Interesting Criminal Stuff.

Hi, . Just a quick one for you. . Thousands of criminal and prison records have been released today, along with mugshots etc, on the site ancestry.co.uk. . There are court records, prison hulk lists and criminal biographies. . The Victorians punished the most minor of crimes with an extremely heavy hand, and seemed to […]

Poem: There Is A Place.

There Is A Place. . . There is a place where we fish Down on the River Tyne, And it is always a pleasure to go there. The tiny beach is stony, Large water smoothed pebbles And rotting bicycle parts, With a drooping old tree Hanging over the water. However, if you stand really still […]

Political Rats Must Die!

Hello Folks, . If I told you that there are rats in Number 10 Downing street, then you would be assuming that I am describing our own politicians. But, in this particular instance you would be wrong. . Although normally thought of as a feature of the worst slums and sewers, some are minded to […]

Poem: Stamps Are Very Small.

Stamps Are Very Small. . . Stamps are very small You can tuck them anywhere, But they have such power. One careful lick And they will happily carry All of your written thoughts To any place you choose Unhindered and entire. No systems going down But a real and palpable presence In another place Redolent […]

New Medical Breakthrough. Stem Cell Treatment For Burns.

Hi Folks, . . Today I read about a new and seemingly wondrous in medicine that is in it’s early stage of development, said to have been recently highlighted on The National Geographic Channel. It concerned the development of a method of stem cell treatment to be used for the treatment of burns injury patients. […]

Are Smelly Feet Spoiling Your Sex Life?

Hi, . If this heading does actually apply to you, then you probably do feel that you have a serious problem to cope with. This news may be the answer to your ….or would that be the fervent prayers of your long-suffering partner? . The SteriShoe is a marvellous invention that uses the power of […]