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February 2011

More Sex Makes More Babies.

Good morning, . It is a grey day here today, with heavy silver skies and quite , with a definite dampness in the air. Not at all unpleasant, but not at all summery. It has been such a dreadful winter this year that I cannot imagine it ever being luxuriously warm again! . You cannot […]

All Fall Down.

Hey, . Monday, , once again. . I expect that you may well be resentfully submitting to Monday and all of it’s responsibilities and tasks. but for those of us there are other options. Lots of other retired people have said to me that they hate retirement, because they feel useless and unwanted. and they […]

Poem: Morning Breath.

Morning Breath. . . Lying here, beside you In our rumpled morning bed I am not much surprised by anything. You give off heat like a stove. I would get up and leave you But my heart is satisfied, So I just lie here, leg outside the covers To try to cool down a bit. […]

The Georgian Ball.

Hello Peeps, . Did you have a good Saturday yourself….. However, I am perhaps  feeling a little worse for wear, due to my being forced to drink lots of lovely champagne….after all it would be rude not to! . The whole occasion went wonderfully and the meal was great, with all of the tables joined […]

Finally, It Is Here.

Greetings Folks, . I am hoping that you are having fun this weekend….because I certainly plan to. . We have been to see the dressmaker and we collected our costumes for the Georgian Fancy Dress ball which we have been patiently looking forward to for many months. It has finally arrived and will be underway […]

More About 71 Year Old Superwoman. The Story Continues.

Hello, . Remember about the 71 year old ‘Superwoman’ who tackled criminals all on her own when she assumed that a boy was being attacked, and ended up preventing a robbery? . Well, the story continues. . Ann Timson, the pensioner who foiled robbers who were in the process of robbing a Jeweller’s store in […]

A Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Valentine Love.

Hello folks, . I hope you are feeling frisky today and that your love life is going well. If it is, then you probably had an excellent Valentine’s day with your special one. . However, what would you have done if your expected date had suddenly become your x-date, on the day before Valentines. . […]

Why Oh Why!

Hi, . Greetings to you. . Although this is still a beautiful country, it seems that the problems of littering and fly tipping are getting worse everywhere. This is really strange when you think that there are Waste Management Sites all over the place, which are free and run by the council. They also have […]

Bargain Price House. If You Don’t Mind Living With Snakes.

Morning Folks, . I thought that today we should begin in a somewhat slithery way, and talk about an excellent bargain I have found for one of you….but there are conditionssss….you musssst like snakes….and you musssst fancy living in Idaho. . There is a house. It is in Idaho. It has been slashed in price […]

Coca Cola’s Secret Life.

Hi, . interesting things in the wind today. Secrets are finally loose in the air. . I mean, this is not quite the Rosetta Stone or the dead Sea scrolls….but it’s close in it’s own esoteric way. . The secret recipe that creates Coca-Cola is finally said to be cracked. . You know what we […]