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February 2011

The Bedbugs Are Now Infesting British Hotels.

Hi, . Did you go away for a romantic weekend in a posh hotel to celebrate Valentine’s day. Did you bring home wonderful memories ….I hope so….but what else might you have brought home unknowingly. I really do hate to tell you. . I have been waiting for this post to be written ever since […]

Psst. Wanna Buy A 1971 T2 Harrier Jump Jet?

Hello People, . So, are any of you interested in , or in things to be bought on e-bay? . If you are then this page should definitely be of interest to you. . My goodness, is there anything that you cannot buy on e-bay. . I think that one of the strangest items ever […]

Help Find Rocco The Kidnapped Puppy. CCTV film of thieves.

Hi, . Can any of you Sherlocks out there help! . Miss Lucy Mc Naught of Strood, Kent, is a heartbroken lady after thieves suddenly struck. . Unfortunately this lady was burgled and the culprits took a safe and a new 10 week old puppy that had been a Christmas present. . This lady’s partner […]

Poem: Ask For More.

Ask For More. . Don’t you want more than this. There is far more to life then you ask. The terrible thing about it all Is that you will probably get Exactly what you say you want. Why don’t you ask for the moon And then demand the stars, Ask for joy and fun and […]

Appearance Of A Headless Monk Stops Building Works.

Hello, Hello, . Life is strange isn’t it, but sometimes we get so bogged down in everyday stuff that we forget that we do not know everything. . There may be a whole other out there. . For instance, strange and is said to have been going in a fun theme park here in the […]

Unbelievable. Children Swimming With Polar Bears.

Hey dear peeps, . This is way different….I kid you not. OMG. . I tell you people, I have never seen anything like this before. Whoever devised this is a genius. I mean, I am quite blase about most man-made types of experience…..except sex of course. I would not go to Disney unless my life […]

Taiji Cove. The Silence Of The Dolphins.

Hi, . Heartbreaking stuff again, with regard to Taiji Cove in Japan. . When the brutal and secret killing of dolphins was and released in the shocking film The Cove, the reaction of the Japanese government was to deny everything and say that the slaughter was humanely done and was to provide food. . Fishermen, […]

Superwoman, Aged 71, Foils Robbers In Northampton.

Hi, . Today we shall have another story, which is but true. . It is early February in the year 2011, There is a shop called Michael James Jewellers, which is in Northampton town centre. . There is a 71 year old lady called Ann Timson who lives on the Spring Boroughs Estate in Northampton. […]

Poem: Familiarity Breeds.

Familiarity Breeds. . They have lived together now For almost a lifetime, They sleep and eat and live each day Alongside, yet growing apart. They know all that they wish to know From the repetitive litany of personal preference. They speak but do not listen They have their eyes open but do not see. How […]

It Does Not Have To Be All Gloomy.

Hello Again, . It is Tuesday now and if I cannot get up soon I shall go around the bend totally. It must be awful for those poor people who are actually bedridden, especially if they cannot escape onto the Internet. I am thinking even more strongly now that very old people should be given […]