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February 2011

BPoMD 106: Perfect Moment.

Perfect Moment. . . Hey, called the voice, Do you want a cup of Yogi Tea While you read your book in bed. Howzat for a perfect moment. . .

Another Rare Treasure Found In A Cardboard Box.

Hello, . Yet another post from my sick-bed….goodness, it is way boring in here. It gives you a sore bottom too, when you just sit propped up with cushions for days on end, I reckon that by the time I eventually get up my legs will be atrophied with all of this enforced inaction! Happy […]

Tethered To The Bed.

Hey, Hey, another day! . And this one promises to be a carbon copy of yesterday….apart from reading the papers. . Big h has been very kind and has brought me food, along with half of . As I am not much of a Florence Nightingale myself, I can guess what a pain in the […]

Brooding In Bed.

Good Afternoon Folks, . It is nearly 2.pm and here I am, still languishing in my bed. Unfortunately I felt so rubbishy this morning that I just made a quick cuppa and then retired back to bed….quietly. . When big H finally awoke, he got up and proceeded to make two poached eggs on a […]

Wednesday Night Was A Bummer.

God Morning, . Another warm morning here with everything washed anew. During the night we had endless rain and extremely strong winds that kept sounding like cracking whips….very effects! That is definitely the best time to be warm and snug in your own bed, it highlights how lucky you are to be there feeling so […]

The End Of A Dream.

Hey, . Did you sleep well last night. Did you dream. . Well,  we all have our dreams. We can well imagine changing our lives to suit our dreams, but for most of us the dreams stay in the realm of imagination and . . But not all of us! . I remember about three […]

UFO Filmed Over Jerusalem In January.

Hey, . What do you think about the white light seen over Jerusalem a few days ago. . UFO….or what! . It was seen and filmed from many different angles by many different people. . What do you think of it? . U Tube video of the strange event. . . . .

Find Out The Crime Levels On The Street Where You Live.

Hey Folks, . Nice morning here today. It could even be described as warm. Now there’s an improvement! . Yesterday saw the launching of a very good idea by the police. . It is a new website called www.police.uk. . This is an excellent innovation that allows you to log on and find out about […]

So Whomsoever The Slipper Fits.

Hi, . It looks like a bright day again here, with pale blue skies, ribboned clouds, and hazy sunshine. It could go either way but it is still cold. Brrrrr! . Life is going well here and we are still waiting for the to arrive sometime this week. That will be interesting to say the […]