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March 2011

The Cruelty And Shame Of The Circus.

Hi, . . Although I usually look upon the bright side of life, for some poor creatures there isn’t one. . Anne the elephant belongs to a UK circus and is treated so cruelly that a covert film taken over a period of months is unbearably gruelling to watch. . This poor creature is regularly […]

Shock! Horror!:Students Enjoy Alfresco Sex On USC Rooftop.

Oh Dear Me Oh Dear Me, . Shock and horror over student behaviour in Southern California. . It seems that a series of photographs were taken at a university in Los Angeles. . It happened when students looked out of their dorm windows to see a couple who were apparently having sex on the roof […]

Poem: No Way Jose.

No Way Jose. . . Don’t apologise Because I’ve heard it all So many times before. I could not forgive you now, No matter how hard I tried, Because just to say it Would stick in my throat Like sharpened tin. . .

Sean Murtagh Superglued His Hat Onto His Head. It Worked!

Hello Folks, . I greet you once again at a risibly early hour because I could not sleep and am therefore up once again. . . How about a giggle to help the week along. . Today it is provided courtesy of a young man called Sean Murtagh who had decided to dress up for […]

Poem: Food For Thought.

Food For Thought. . . It is rude to eavesdrop and listen To other peoples’ conversations. You should not do it, but it is such fun, And you get lots of interesting news By that particular time honoured And most underhand method. It’s not for repeating mind you, Just for smiling about over a cup […]

Lucky Willie Had A Big Fan There.

Hello Peeps, . As you , if you are also a Willie Nelson fan….in my case because of his amazingly harsh version of Always on My Mind*….Willie Nelson was arrested last year because of marijuana offences. , Always On My Mind*. . . He is well known for being in favour of legalising the drug. […]

Japan. Later Available Videos Of Tsunami.

Hey, . After the first shock of the tsunami hitting Japan, and the viewing of the first available films taken, there are now a lot other videos being uploaded to UTube. . This one shows the awesome power of the water and it’s unstoppable movement as it reaches Kesennuma Port in Miyagi. How helpless we […]

Haiku: Television.

Television. . Television’s rude _ It brings people I don’t like Straight into my home. . .

Latest UFO Sighting In USA.

Hey, . Once more there is great interest in the never-ending saga of the . There has just been a fascinating incident, which took place in Colorado, on the 20th March 2011 . Three red lights were seen clearly, formed into a triangular shape, but seemingly with no connection between them. . This incident took […]

It’s A Puzzle!

Good Morning , . Hello folks. Have you got a soon and you cannot think of anything that is a bit different. Is your recipient one of life’s problem solvers….does your recipient like a good ? . Well I have just seen something which may fit the bill….even for someone who is not called Bill! […]