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March 2011

Touch Wood.

Hello, . So we have reached . I hope that you are one of the lucky ones who can now enjoy long hours in which to do whatever pleases you the most. . This morning I met one of my friends when I was shopping. Sadly, we do not see each other very often now, […]

Death Wish.

Hi, . Recently I have been reading reports about the way that people are thoughtlessly risking their lives on rail crossings, as if trains are harmless things. . It is hard to understand how people can forget the terrible danger that they put themselves in the way of. Not to mention the lasting problems that […]

Bartering, Books, And Trains.

Hi, . It’s , so you have nearly reached the weekend. Hopefully, this sudden bout of good weather we are all enjoying, will continue until then. . Yesterday, I felt inspired to sweep out the , scrub the teak table, and wash the winter muck off all of the pots, and I was happy to […]

Symmetrical Portraits.

Hello Peeps, . Here is an interesting   question for you all. It has to do with the . . Is your face symmetrical or not?. . It is an interesting question because a lot of people equate a symmetrical face with beauty. However some people’s faces can quite clearly seen by the observer to […]

Poem: King Edwards Bay, Tynemouth.

King Edwards Bay, Tynemouth. . . Flamboyantly, The sea flicks her skirts Upon the lichened stones In flirtatious welcome. . .  

Alpha Dog.

Hey, . Once again at the dawn of a fabulously sunny day. How the hell are you anyway. I am hoping that you are feeling wet-nosed, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. . Talking of such as dogs.. What would you spend your money on, if you won £1m pounds . No, unfortunately I am not asking you […]

Poem: Regrets, I’ve Had A Few.

Regrets, I’ve Had A Few. . . I wish I could do it again, I would do it so much better the next time. I would be a better daughter, I would be a better mother, I would be a better friend. My report card should read Tried hard but could do better, But that’s […]

Casey Heynes Beats The Bullies.

Hi, . Yet on-line sensation that went viral within a few hours….and is still going strong. This is all about a boy who finally stood up to bullying. . Apparently this boy had been tormented for most of his schooldays. . He said that he had even been subjected to having his eyes covered with […]

Susan Boyle And Peter Kay Spoof For Comic Relief 2011

Hey People, . As you already know…everyone is in favour of red noses at the moment. . Do you remember the old hit ‘I Know Him So Well’, recorded by Elaine Paige and Barbara Dickson in 1985? . Well, it was a good song at the time but now it has been revisited by Susan […]

Fearne Cotton In A Swimsuit Crashes Radio1 Site.

Hello Folks, . As a result of Chris Moyles’s attempting to raise money for Comic Relief, by broadcasting for over two days without sleep, Fearne Cotton has had to strip off publicly. . Apparently she was so sure that he could not do it and raise over £2m for charity, that she said she would […]