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March 2011

Poem: Midnight Crawler.

Midnight Crawler. . . I cannot wait To go to bed, To reach my midnight When the dream begins. How real your face, How sweet the voice That calls, to let me know My window in time is open. . .  

Mr Fartypants.

Hey Peeps, . They talk about neccessity being the mother of invention don’t they. Well, that has just happened to me….with knobs on it. . Big H is being so horribly stinky today that I cannot bear it. Whatever it is that I have been feeding him, it has to stop, because I am beginning […]

Poem: False Start.

False Start. . . After a restless night I finally awoke To a morning Redolent of winter. Gone the welcome Of powder blue skies, The happy kiss of sun. Back to leaden clouds, and, What’s even worse All my reaching hyacinths Are without a winter quilt. . . .

Spring Is Nearly Sprung.

Hi, . Well, here I am up again at an . . So how is your week proceeding. . Mine is going OK, although we are back to leaden grey skies and extremely cold weather up here in the North. says I. . We have not done very much lately due to Big H’s lack […]

Patches. A One In A Million.

Hi, . Do you miss having ! . Are you busy considering whether or not to get yourself a pet. Do you feel that having or a , or even a handsome , would add something wonderful to your life and add to your happiness. . You should perhaps also consider the merits of a […]

Carpe Diem.

Hey folks, . These are strange times. Illustrating the wisdom of seizing the day and enjoying the moment. . Today in the UK we can feel happy for small and wonderful things happening , such as a pair of un-named pensioners from Derbyshire. . It is yet another fine example of people unknowingly being in […]

Poem: Only A Glance.

Only A Glance. . It was only a glance From a boy at a bus stop When I was barely sixteen. He was actually with some girl When he turned to look at me, And I was caught and netted By a pair of ice blue eyes Pinpointed by tiny black irises, As, for that […]

Tsunamis And Strange Effects On Fish.

Hi, . Now there are reports of strange fish behavious after the in Japan. . It seems that there are dense shoals of fish in the sea off the beaches of Acapulco. The fish are so close together that they look like oil slicks. Elated fishermen can just walk out and gather them up in […]

Japan. Hit By Tsunami After 8.9 Earthquake.

Hi People, . Terrible things happening in Japan just now in our . . Just imagine….an off-shore earthquake that measured 8.9 on the Richter Scale. . This is how it all began. . . After that….the tsunami strikes. . Ariel view of giant tsunami waves striking land. . . The effects have eventually reached California. […]

Road Rage On Camera.

Hello, . . Does it enrage you when you are held up by cyclists when you are driving your car. . Do you feel angry when a cyclist takes up the space of a car. . Do you feel that road tax should be paid by cyclists. . Have you been walking on a bridle path, […]