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March 2011


Hi, . This is just a quick one. . I know this feeling! . . Well, I thought it was funny! . J,x. . .

Zombie Boy Has Made It!

Hi Peeps, . Do you remember that I did on July 26th 2010. It was about unusual people with unusual ambitions. . The first person on that post was a young man called Rick Genest…. AKA Zombie Boy. He had been fascinated by Zombies as a young boy and had found his own unique way […]

Book Of Milton’s Poetry Is Bound With The Skin Of A Murderer.

Hi, . Already ….excellent! . As you know, I am sometimes struck by happenings which are described under my section titled’ Mysteries And Wonderments’. This post is definitely one of them. . At present there is an exhibition underway at the Westcountry Study Library in Devon. This is under the heading of ‘Crime And Punishment’. […]

Haiku: Book.

Book. . . A book is a gift – Someone else’s dream of life To enhance your own . .

Another Idea For Would-Be Slimmers.

Hello, . There are always new ideas in the pipeline to take advantage of the huge market for . . How about one that proposes to make you slim while you eat. . Chillies are a more than just’hot’, it could possibly be that an ingredient from certain chillies could revolutionise the whole slimming industry. […]

Haiku: Want.

Want. . . It’s like magic beans- You sell your soul for small change And you feel content. . .

Jeong-Hyun Lim. CanonRock.

Hello, . Today I want to tell you about a korean schoolboy called Jeong-Hyun  Lim. He is something of and a genious of the electric guitar. . I apologise if you already know what I am talking about, but that is quite probable because 85+ million of you have already watched him on UTube. . […]

A Pleasant And Healthy Weekend.

Hi, . How did your weekend progress. . I hope you are had fun. . Yesterday I had a fine myself. We got up at 8 am and had tea, doorstep toast, butter and Marmite. Very tasty it was too. . Then we had a tiny read of the papers before we went down to […]

Cheryl Cole’s Beauty Secrets Are E45 Cream And Vaseline Stick.

Hi, . Do you admire the good looks of the beautiful Geordie celebrity ? . Do you despair of ever being able to afford the kind of daily beauty regime that she must have. . Do not despair, because you are in for a lovely, , surprise today. . According to recent reports, the lovely […]

Lady Gaga Duets with Ten Year Old Maria Aragon In Toronto.

Hi Folks, . I hope that your weekend is beginning well. . I have a heartwarming story for you today. . Last month a 10 year old little girl uploaded a video of herself onto UTube, singing her cover of Lady Gaga’s song entitled ‘Born This Way’. . My goodness, did it catch on….within a […]