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March 2011


Greetings Peeps, . It’s Friday…Wey-Hey!!! . Today the local Spar may get some ” in. I can have thick toast, and applied with a heavy hand. . Do you see the perfection in having a way to get happy, which is so easy to obtain. Not every week of course….but frequently. . If you can […]

Poem. Retrospect.

Retrospect. . . How many things in a life Have any lasting importance. There are so many little things That cause surprise, upset, pain And sleepless nights by the score That are unremembered In the scheme of things. If only we could have known this At the time they occurred. When you take a longer […]

Is Charlie Mad Or What.

Hello, . It is Thursday…. so let’s be silly today! . No real precedent, I just feel like it. . Did you know that a 12 year old called Smokey, who hails from Pitsford, which is near to , has apparently won the Guinness World Record for having the loudest purr ever. . It  is […]

Poem: Last Post.

Last Post. . . I sat in the garden Beneath the wisteria, Opened my mail To feel rising hysteria. I need a huge gin now To really kick ass And help me believe That this feeling will pass. . .

Something Unexpected In The Garden.

Hello Peeps, . So here we are, back in the North again, and  you can certainly feel the difference in temperature here. . We have been down in the London area for a while, doing some visiting and looking about etc. It was all immense fun….and obviously warmer too! . Unfortunately I took my trusty […]

Haiku: Revolution.

Revolution. . That derelict mill It’s broken windows blinded- Has seen history. . .

I’m A Lonely Little Petunia In An Onion Patch*. Metaphorically Speaking!

Hello. . Hello Hello. Hello…. is there anybody ! . After clearing out my comments box, which was full of the usual , penis extensions and information about etc…..I suddenly wondered….’Who are you all?’ . Writing this blog is a bit like sending out probes into space and hoping for contact with another . . […]