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April 2011

The Day After The Wedding And The Cartwheeling Verger.

Good Morning, . Well, Saturday is here and the madness of the last few days is over, all is back to normal again. . Now that it is not so important, the weather has changed again from yesterday’s ‘chilly and threatening-to-rain’ persona, back to blue skies and strong sunshine. Ideal sort of day for a […]

Watch Royal Wedding LIVE.

Greetings Peeps, . So here we are, the BIG DAY has finally arrived. . People of all stations in life, all over the world, will be glued to their screens to join in with the happenings as they unfold upon this special royal day. The excitement is high and people in London have been staking […]

How Strange Was That.

Hello Peeps, . See, it is Thursday already. Doesn’t time fly when you are looking forward to an extra day off! . The weather is still good as we inch towards the new Royal Extravaganza, and it appears that the spoilsport pundits may have been wrong and the weather may stay fine and dandy. . […]

Poem: Row To Hoe.

Row To Hoe. . There is such a Profitable margin of land Available for cultivation Lying in the fallow space Between the waking And the sleeping. . .

Movie Entertainment On Tap With UTube. Pass The Popcorn!

Hi Peeps, . I am up very early again this morning, as the strength of the sun pressing through the bedroom curtains was too alluring to be ignored for very long. . It is so beautiful today, with birds singing and the sky so blue. It may only be a lowly Wednesday but it is […]

BPoMD 111: Worth Every Penny.

Worth Every Penny. . It’s nice when The window cleaner’s been And everything outside Is suddenly brighter. . .

Bah! Humbuggery.

Hey, . Happy Tuesday to yourself. . Never mind, it may be back to work but you will soon be off again and the sun is forecast to shine on. . It makes life so cheerful to have sunshine, and other people are so much happier under that influence. It makes for a more colourful […]

Poem: In The Rough.

In The Rough. . There is always Something worth polishing, Like hidden precious stones, Carelessly concealed Amongst the dust devils Of an average rainy day. . .  

Big Day.

Hey, . So we are here yet again. Enjoying a day off from the real world. . Faced by a new Monday, as yet untouched by human hands. where no Trekkie has gone before, just like the star ship Enterprise. . Of course, there is no viable alternative, is there! . So, what shall you […]

BPoMD 110: Nice One.

Nice One. . Deciding to do something You have not done for years And finding out that You are still bloody good at it. . .