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April 2011

The Bag Lady.

Hi, . And so, the best laid plans of mice and men, gang aft agley….as old Rabbie said. And he was correct, because yesterday ended in tears, with heavy rainfall. . Hey, shit happens. . Today however, is beginning very well. I got up early this morning because it was too warm to lie in […]

BPoMD 109: Near Miss.

Near Miss. . Thank goodness We suddenly saw the frog Crossing the path before us In time to avoid hurting him. . .

BPoMD 108: Top Of The Morning.

Top Of The Morning. . Winnie the pooh Could not have had One inch more pleasure Than I did this morning, Opening a jar of thick honey To slather on my warm toast. . .

Final Warning. London Air Is Dangerous.

Hi, . I hope I find you chipper today. . We are having another very warm day again here….as forecast….but all is not well. Yesterday it ended up being a hazy sort of day here, all day, and was more chilly out of the sun too. . It turned out that there were warnings issued […]

What A Catch. Toddler Falls From Fourth Floor Balcony.

Good morning, . Greetings from the hot and tropical UK today. You don’t get many Easter weekends and other here where it does not rain the whole time, but this definitely seems to be shaping to be one of them. Wey hey! . It is now time for , with genteel ‘Howzat’s’ echoing across village […]

Haiku: Body Armour.

Body Armour. . Under heavy fire True love is not frangible – It can always bend . .

BPoMD 107: Spotted Dog.

Spotted Dog. . Meeting a little spotted dog All liquid eyes , fuzzy fur and panting, By the time his master called him back I felt so much better about everything. . .

All We Need Is A Pimm’s To Make It Perfect.

Hey Folks, . So here we are again, meeting on yet another . . Yesterday was amazingly warm and the sun shone industriously the whole day long. Big H felt energetic enough to get out and strim the edges of everything, so now we are all neat and tidy. . He rewarded himself afterwards with […]

Michael Collings. Next ‘Britains Got Talent’ Winner?’

Hi Folks, . Well now, there is a buzz going around at the moment, thanks to the new 2011 competition of Britain’s Got Talent. . Many people are of the opinion that a new ‘Susan Boyle’ type contestant has already appeared, and could well win it. . This person is a young man from , […]

Poem: Hallelujah.

Hallelujah. . . Trying on an old favourite Long relegated to the too-small pile And finding out that suddenly I actually can fasten the zip. . .