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April 2011

It’s A Winner.

Good Morning Dear Peeps, . What a fine morning we have up here in the North of England. There are hazy skies, arguably a bit grey, and odd bits of sunshine….but it feels warm! . There will not be a lot going on here today but we may manage a little walk later if Big […]

Poem: The Heebie Jeebies.

The Heebie Jeebies. . . Looking out from the window On such a moonlit night Is like being in a plot From a Dean R. Koontz novel. . .

Extreme Bodies. Unusual People Customizing Themselves.

Hi, . . Happy Tuesday to you all, fortunately the weekend is creeping yet nearer as you read this. . As you all probably know by now, I have a real fascination with people who use as a canvas to to suit their tastes. . . First of all we have a Mexican mother of […]

What A Treat.

Good Morning Peeps, . Did you enjoy the weekend, wherever you spent it. I hope that you did! . It may be a Monday today but who cares. Here in the UK we have all enjoyed an amazing few days of exotic weather. In some areas it reached an amazing 23C ( 73F)…. at the […]

Has The 1947 Roswell UFO Incident Been Confirmed?

Wooooo…. . Great excitement and consternation amongst on-line UFO aficionados at the moment. All concerning the Roswell Incident. . Roswell happened in 1947. There were reports from local people in New Mexico, regarding the crashing of a strange object that had been found on ranch land. During the first few days afterwards, there was a […]

A Growing Danger To Pets.

Hi, . So we have finally reached the weekend, and it is totally warm and sunny here, just as promised by the weather forecasters. Excellent, this time they got it right. . I expect that many of you will be this weekend and letting them do a little exploring, or just letting them play in […]

It’s Curtains For Me!

Hi, . What a I have woken up to today. I don’t know what I did to deserve it, but it must have been something amazing because everything here is positively shining in the sunshine. . I shall try to get out and enjoy it today….especially after the day I had yesterday! . In the […]

Haiku: Green Curtain.

Green Curtain. . . Though trees bloom outside – I sigh for my winter view Of the village church. . .  

Whoaah, Feeling Tropical.

Hey, Hey, . Welcome to my land of sunshine upon this most wonderful morning. I hope that you are as lucky! . I was right about yesterday, when I joked that it could possibly be by teatime, ‘cos it actually happened that way. After the dubious start, the sky cleared to a wonderful blue and […]

New Film Of Bigfoot.

Good Morning Peeps, . I hope that you are feeling chipper today. Although I was met this morning by dreary grey skies and a definate threat of even more rain, and perhaps more hailstones, I don’t see any good reason why it cannot be tropical by teatime. That is called ‘looking on the bright side’, […]