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April 2011

Claire Blogs About Deciding to Remove Her Breasts.

Hi Peeps, . It does not matter what day it is or what rubbish weather I am experiencing today, because my worries are small ones. It certainly brings that fact home when you read about someone who is facing real life or death decisions through the vagaries of fate. . Today  I,wanted to tell you […]

Poem: Brighton Rocks On.

Brighton. . . As a six year old child Down in sunny old Brighton She found all the fun Of a story by Blyton. She ran on the beach With a playmate called Babs And caught herself quite a big Bucket of crabs. . As a drunken teenager In sunny old Brighton The way she […]

Just A Quick One!

. . I LOVE THIS! . .

Poem: Life In Technicolour.

Life In Technicolour. . . Speak to me pretty And I feel pretty, Life is all checked gingham And a surrey with a fringe on top. . .

My American Idol Favourites. James Durbin And Scotty McCreery.

Hello, Hello, . Welcome to . I awoke to pale blue skies and watery sunshine this morning, which is pleasant. It certainly beats the dark grey skies we enjoyed yesterday, along with the entirely free addition of some loud hailstorms! Where is the summer! . As we were stuck indoors, apart from managing one walk […]

The McEntee Twins Talking At 17 Months. Cute Video.

Good Morning, . . So how is your going. Mine’s great. . Here is something to help you start yours with a smile. Always . . This clip of UTube film is so popular that it has been viewed over 11 million times already. . Ren and Sam McEntee are 17 month old twins who […]

Poem: Secret Needs.

Secret Needs. . . Everyone has their habits, Mine is to keep my diary at hand To satisfy the feeling that I have forgotten something important. Which seems to me to be an improvement On the deeply wired compulsion Of someone who keeps a collection Of cheesy socks hidden under the bed. . .

Sex On Wheels.

Hi, . Yesterday we were forced to do some shopping…. or starve. So we finally did some. . While I was out there, doing the , I made a few interesting observations. . First of all, have you realised how many of those white haired oldies are now sailing about on those motorised chair thingies. […]

Poem: What Is Fucking Wrong With You.

What Is Fucking Wrong With You. . . I have told you To fuck-off before And now I’m telling you To go and fuck-off again. I am really getting fucked off With having to tell you to fuck-off. . .  

Bullying. Words Are Worse Than Sticks And Stones, By Alye Pollock.

Hi, . Today we have a . . When I arose I was greeted by light grey cloudy skies, but it is still bright, and a lot warmer than it was a few weeks ago. We have enjoyed quite a few slightly chilly, but still very sunny days lately, and that is most enjoyable. Roll […]