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May 2011

What A Scary Start to The Day.

Hi, . What a bloody day! . Big H had to be rushed to hospital by emergency ambulance early this morning because he was very ill. . The day was spent with examinations, questions, X-Rays and tests. Everyone concerned could not have been kinder, or more caring and sympathetic, to us all. . He is […]

Poem: Facadism.

Facadism. . You are an unknown country, One where badlands And poisoned wells Are possible Behind the hoardings Of your pretty papered face . .

Accept No Limits.

Hello people of all ages, . I had a birthday recently and had to face the unwelcome thought that I am getting to be significantly aged. . That brings with it many stereotypes which are held by other people. It covers stuff like expecting to see excessively wrinkled decrepit looking people, who cannot function without […]

Everybody Say Ahhhhhhh.

Hello Dear Peeps, . . We have another very nice one for you this morning. . This lovely video clip is proving to be a bit of a sensation on YouTube at the moment, with about three and a half million hits already. . It shows a tiny kitten lying asleep with it’s mother. It […]

Don’t You Just Love It When That Happens!

Hi Peeps, . . I spent Friday night in my usual fashion. Watching American Idol. Not as good as our British X Factor programme….but much better than nothing. . Did you watch it yourself. Did you see the pretty Scotty win the whole thing. . . Well, now to the clever bit. I was completely […]

Poem: Change Of Plan.

Change Of Plan. . I liked it today When you called unexpectedly And then apologised For interrupting me. It didn’t matter that I had made plans Because nothing could Have pleased me more Or suited me better Than the way it all worked out . .

Wow….I Love Friday.

Hi Peeps, . Well, you know the saying ‘I Love New York’….well ‘I Love Friday’, and I get to a far more often than I can ever expect to get to New York. And to paraphrase Charles Dickens, being satisfied with the amount you have leads to contentment. . Having said that, I actually do […]

Funny How Things Turn Out.

Hi, . once more and the week is speeding to a close now. A good reason to ! . Well things turned out unexpectedly yesterday. . I was looking forward to watching two mid-week films. . Like so many other people, Big H and I have been really looking forward to the latest Harry Potter […]

Poem: Rock The day.

Rock The Day . . I love a sudden trip out. Just a quick change of shoes, A swift wee, and a bit of lippy, Then I’m ready to go out and party. . .

Tell Me Wishing Well, Will My Dreams Come True!

Hello, Hello, . Wednesday dawns, with warmth and light grey skies, accompanied by the happy tapping of house elves working industriously on our own little gingerbread cottage, the rhythmic chanting of ‘High-ho, high-ho, it’s off to work we go’ in a fine tenor counterpoint!   . I am bending before a bright , held up […]