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May 2011

Poem: Splendour.

Splendour. . How beautiful To see the weight Of heavy white blossom That lowers the bearing bough In wondrous submission . .

Poem: The Bay By Tynemouth Priory.

The Bay By Tynemouth Priory. . Children, pecking At the edge of the sea Like waterbirds, In streams of diamonds Pulling back under waves That smooth the sands, Rushing forwards to inundate Old concrete steps Inlaid with stones Like glistening scarab beetles . .

What A Difference A Day Makes.

, . Just thinking that a little touch of Aussie charm would enliven today’s blog offering. . Oh come on, I am doing my best to give an antipodean feel to your day, without you actually having to travel there. . My Oh My, and what a wonderful day it is too. The sun is […]

Phew! It Did Not Happen After All Then.

Happy to yourself, . . Well, I see that Princess Beatrice’s has finally been sold to the highest bidder on the e-bay site, making a grand sum of £81,100.01p to be donated forthwith to her chosen charities. Well done her! Hats off and all that! . I hope that the new owner is indeed rapturous […]

Poem: Which Animal Would You Be.

Which Animal Would You Be. . . He was a huge man who Resembled a bear. He acted like one too. Being regarded with great care By the whole family Living inside his cage. . .

Volcanoes R Us

Good Morning, . So it is Sunday once more, amazing how regularly we keep getting them really! . The skies were very heavy and black when I got up this morning, not much sign yet of the two weeks of weather which was being forecast to begin about now. But hey, weather is a strange […]

Latest Bidding is up to £80,000.01p On Princess Beatrice’s Infamous Hat.

Hi Peeps, . You know the old saying ‘if you want to get ahead, ‘. . Well, now lots of people are wanting to get a hat….but only a very special one….namely the infamous creation worn by Princess Beatrice for the recent Royal Wedding. . You remember that it is now on e-bay….with the proceeds […]

Boys Will Play.

Hello Peeps. . Something a bit different….and nostalgic…. for you today. A glimpse of eroticism as it used to be in the old days. . Magazine began 57 years ago. It was de-rigueur for the boys of my age to secrete a few copies under their mattresses in order to fuel their and provide them […]

BPoMD 113: Chilled.

Chilled. . , It’s all those Little things. The beer The popcorn And the recently recorded film, That add up to complete pleasure. . .

Getting A Stiffie Could Make You Deaf.

Hi People, . . I remember when I was very young, and in those far-off days was not a relaxed subject. . Young male children were often warned not to masturbate themselves, because it would make them go blind. As you can imagine, that sort of thing can lead to hang-ups in relationships later. Obviously […]