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May 2011

Poem: Thinking Cap.

Thinking Cap. . . I sat, with a Contemplative coffee, Watching the line of light Creep slowly across The red turkey carpet. . .   . .

Is This The Greatest EVER Wedding Proposal?

Hi, . We shall have to stop meeting this way! . . Although I have already posted twice today, I just could not resist sharing the latest You Tube sensation with you all. Especially for anyone who is is today. . It has jumped immediately to a stupendous 2,722,517 views at this very moment. . […]

The Auction For Princess Beatrice’s Hat Is Hotting Up Now.

Hello People, . Just a quickie to let you know that is going phenomenally well. . So far, the bids have reached a very respectable sum of over £20,000, and it does not finish for another three days or so. . So come on then, ‘fess up, which one of you put in the £20,200.00 […]

Sick As A Parrot.

Hi, . As you may have gathered from today’s heading….this is not a good day for me so far….and I spent most of yesterday nursing a crashing headache. . I woke up  at my of 3am again this morning, but this time I just lay in bed feeling weak, nauseous and shivery. My head was […]

BPoMD 112: Music.

Music. . . Today was grand, I seemed to be Accompanied By continual birdsong. . .    

Survival Of The Fittest?

Hi, . How come I am so bloody ….like many other unfortunate people. . And there all all of those others who are long-sighted and those who are everywhere in between. But what we have in common is the sad fact that, without our specs, many of us are close to being dangerously . . […]

Read This Or You Will Be Sorry.

Good Morning, . Well, after depressing you with yesterday’s horrible , I am going to make it up to you by showing you something very joyful. . Unbelievably, the newest hit, recently uploaded onto YouTube, is a wonderful one which shows the friendship which is possible between two animals which would normally not get on […]

Really Bad News From Vancouver.

. Hi Folks, . It is dreary and cold again here….back to the usual weather I fear. . It is so changed now, that we have upped temperature on the central heating, dug out the winter sweaters again and put the padded quilt back down on top of the duvet. . All of which brings […]

Fascination Of The Four Sisters.

Hi, . I spent some time yesterday, enjoying the work of a guy called Nicholas Nixon. . In 1975 he had a marvellous idea. He decided to take a photograph of his wife, along with her three sisters. . The idea was that he would have them stand in order of their age, from oldest […]

Buy Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Hat. NOW!

Hello Folks, . You do remember the furore which was caused by that was worn by Princess beatrice at the Royal Wedding recently. It became infamous and quickly developed a life of it’s own….and fans! . The princess has now had the most excellent idea of using all of the resulting publicity, and interest, to […]