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May 2011

ASBO’s And Bodhi.

Hey, . Time for some fun once more. . I shall start this post by telling you about again, But this time for dogs. . It seems that a canine dweller in Brighton is in trouble with the law….and could end up with an ! . He goes by the moniker of Bodhi and he […]

A Night-Time Ramble.

Hi, . So here I am, up in the early hours . It is three o’clock in the morning and all is well. . Don’t ask me why but I just suddenly woke up and could not settle again. It is no good fidgeting about and waking Big H up, so I decided to make […]

Yves Rossy. To Infinity And Beyond. The Real Buzz Lightyear.

Hi, . Something to take your breath away. . This post concerns an innovative Swiss aviator, and former army pilot, named Yves Rossy. . The daring has long had a wish to fly over the grand Canyon in the USA. Not so hard to do you might well say, but this man wanted to do […]

Earthquake Predicted To Hit Rome Today. May 11th 2011.

Hey, . How weird is this. . Many years ago, there was a prediction made by a gentleman named Raffaelle Bendandi, that on May 11th 2011 there would be a massive earthquake in Rome. . Rafaelle Bendandi was a seismologist. . There has been great concern about this prediction, probably because of recent events which […]

Flash-Mob Hit At Scottish School.

Hi, . . Just a quick one to amuse you, in case you have been depressed and upset by the harrowing content of . . There is one more on YouTube. . This one is a video from Bell Baxter High School, which is in Fife. . The scene is set in the school canteen. […]

Water For Elephants Star Is Electrocuted.

Hello People, . I am sorry but this is not a happy day for me. . I was horrified to read reports that one of the stars of the new blockbuster film….Water For Elephants….was actually tortured with hand-held stun guns and bull hooks in order ensure a perfect acting performance. . No, I do not […]

Nip+Fab Frown Fix. Instant Facial Line Filler Sold Out On First Day.

Hello Peeps, . If you are worried about fine lines and wrinkles on your face. Then this post is for you. . A miracle for £10.25. . Lots of people believe that the hype is totally true this time. . This is a product which went on sale in the UK last week, but it […]

If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Hat!

Hi, . So it’s for me today. Bah! . There was amazing weather change here on Sunday. First there was absolutely torrential rain for ages, followed by terrific thunder, with brooding dark skies that seemed to be so low that you could have stretched your hand up and touched them. I was thankful for it […]

BAH! Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate.

Hello; . If you are a , then this is something just for you. A temptation created especially with you in mind. . Now you can not just eat your , you can pamper yourself with a new range of chocolate bath products which is to be launched mid-year. . Cadburys, which I believe is […]

The Wedding Day Perfume Worn By Kate Was White Gardenia Petals By Illuminum.

Good Morning to you, . Today I am writing to you from a normal sort of British day. I awoke to a sky in many shades of grey clouds and some light rain. Obviously it is what we need, given the unfeasibly tropical weather we have been enjoying for so many weeks, but it was […]