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May 2011

Art From Nelly.

Hi, . This is just a quick one for you. A real bit of artistic whimsy….brought to you by the way of Nelly, who spotted it and sent it on to me. . . Nelly Leonidis is an accomplished Canadian photographer who does amazing work ….if you appreciate marvellous and moody camera magic then check […]

Slings And Arrows.

Hi Folks, . There we go, another week bites the dust Yeah Yeah! Weekend tomorrow. !!!! . This week has been altogether a mass of lows and highs here. From the heady delights of the to this recent political debacle, where the voting public has just said no to everything, leaving Clegg and Cameron shaking. […]

And So It Begins Again. New 2011 Crop Circles Appear.

Hi, . Midweek already, and we are still enjoying mostly tropical weather. Everyone is beginning to look a little bit tanned now, instead of the usual slightly-pale-green British look that we all have. . The only downside is that there has not been the usual yearly amount of rain, which has been causing fires to […]

This Absolutely Has To Be The Last Apoplectic And Totally Hilarious Word About The Royal Wedding

Hi to you, . Now look, this has all gone far enough now. The royal wedding has totally taken over my site lately. . It has been nothing but royal wedding . Royal wedding hats that have on their own account. Royal wedding verger’s doing . Royal wedding . Royal wedding . Wedding hat . […]

Princess Beatrice’s Wedding Hat Takes On A Life Of It’s Own.

Hi, . Still fixed on the royal wedding I am afraid. . What did you think of the headgear….Princess Beatrice’s hat in particular. . . Well, it is fascinating to see that her ‘different’ hat has now taken on a life of it’s own….quite independently of her. . Princess Beatrice’s hat brings to all. . […]

Poem: Do I Need A Wedding Hat?

Do I Need A Wedding Hat? . . The hard thing is finding just the right outfit to wear to a wedding. You spend hours looking at every page on the web, you trail around the shops every consecutive day for a bloody month, you send away for outfits then fret about returning them. Why […]

A Knightly Wedding Quest From Worthing To London.

Hello Peeps, . I cannot seem to get away from the Royal Wedding at the moment, but I just could not resist telling you about a betting gentleman from , named Colin Bickers. . This man actually agreed to a very strange bet, which required him to walk 60+ miles from Worthing to London,  and […]

Watch Royal Wedding Highlights Again…Go On, You Know You Want To.

Hi, . This is just a quick one. . Yes, the wedding was lovely. Yes, we all enjoyed it. . So who wants to indulge themselves and have just another look. . Highlights From The Royal Wedding. . . Highlights Of The Wedding Ceremony. . . Ahhhhhhh! . . .

UFO Footage On Mainstream News Reports Worldwide.

Hello Peeps, . . I am showing you more Mysteries And Wonderments today. This following clip is composed of mainstream news reports of UFO’s, which were taken all over the world. Definately worth you taking a look. . . This is a compilation of Alien Anomalies which were taken on various NASA flights. . . […]

Awesome Saturday.

Hi folks, . How was your own Saturday then….enjoyable! . Mine was most excellent indeed. Big H got up early and felt a bit better than usual, so I asked him what his plans for the day were…..he said that he didn’t know, was there anything that I wanted to do? Well, you don’t need […]