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June 2011

Haiku: Starfish.

Starfish. . . How sad to see it – The body in the water Like a white starfish . .

Wake Up Now.

Hi, . Today is a greeny issue. It is with regard to the scary changes which are taking place in the oceans….and speeding up all the time. . Project Clamer is a worldwide study, where reports from many different are gathered together, as they collaborate in a huge effort to plot the effects of climate […]

I’ll Bet That Makes Your Eyes Water!

Hi Folks, . Just a quick one for you. . Now this one is definitely a bit cool. It all looks so graceful and flowing to the observer’s eye. . The action takes place in the Czech Republic. The wind flight simulator is in the Skydive Arena in Prague, and the simulated wind blows at […]

Drunken Boy Falls 20′ Off Escalator, And Survives.

Hi, . I seem to have done quite a few posts about ….and you seem to like them….so here is yet another piece of CCTV film. . This clip shows a very lucky young man indeed. . It is reported that an 18 year old called Shane O’Malley is the young man in the film, […]

New Hope For Those With Type 2 Diabetes.

Hello Peeps, . So I am up early again today….in a world which is back to hot sunshine and lollipops, after numerous lightning strikes and it’s really biblical deluge of rain. I did mention then that our weather is not boring, at the very least. . I am sitting here in sunshine so intense that […]

Haiku: Heartstone.

Heartstone. . . Orienteering- Hold fast to your memories As tethers in time. . .

Heatwave High Pressure Causes Problems In The South.

Hi, . There has been very dramatic weather today, during this unusual heat wave we are experiencing. . At about 2pm today the Gatwick Airport control tower was reportedly struck by lightning. This caused a temporary failure of the ground control systems, which resulted in there being flight suspensions for a short period, and possibly […]

Awkward Family Pet Photos.

Hi to you all, . It is again here, for the moment at least. . Yesterday the temperature soared to 33, and everyone was too Hot,Hot,Hot! . Today we have awoken to more blue skies and heat. I think, from the comments people make to me, is that we damp and greeny-coloured people are so […]

Breakdancing Gorilla.

Hello fellow bi-peds of every kind, . In Calgary, Canada, you will find the Calgary Zoo, . This is the best place to put it, because it makes finding it very easy indeed. . It is there that you will find eight Western Lowland , who are actually native to Central . . They are […]

UFOs Over London. With Video.

Hi, . . Interesting, and possibly are afoot in London right now…..over the BBC to be exact. . A video film has just been uploaded on to YouTube, which appears to show what is said to be a UFO mother ship and it’s satellite craft. . The film shows three quick moving white dots flying […]