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June 2011

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty.

Hi, . Just a quick one for you. . I don’t know what it is about….but it is way pretty! . Why don’t we all spend more time doing things like this? Usefully pretty things! . . Ahhhhhhh! .j,x. . .

Dogs Will Eat Strange Things If You Are Not careful!

Hey, . Sunday greetings to you. . Today was forecast to be an extremely hot day, and at present we have a 50% blue sky, and it does feel enticingly warm. Most excellent so far then! . I think that I hear the garden calling me. . However I must complete today’s task before I […]

Poem: Sex.

Sex. . They made love before he left, And she curled up later Replete with the promise of it, After he got back home He hurried round to the pub To watch the footie match on Sky. . .

Fly Heaven.

Hi, . It is time for a really rubbishy post. . It seems that it is , Hampshire, which is drowning in filth at the moment. . No, we are not talking about a city-wide predilection for porn….we are talking about rubbish….uncollected mountains of it. . For the past month bin-men have been striking in […]

Everyone Was In Tears.

Hi Everyone, . I hope that you are well and that you have enjoyed a good week. . Sometimes I think that we are not grateful enough for if we are lucky, such a food, shelter, safety and love. . This was brought home to me once more when an artist friend of mine, who […]

Nude Swimming With Whales.

Hi, . It is a watery one for you all today….and no, that does not mean that I am going to bore you all once more with complaints about our usual ‘less than summery’ weather. . Those who ‘understand’ whales, are thinking that the Beluga are less than keen about being pestered by scientists and […]

BPoMD 115: Well Earned Rest.

Well Earned Rest. . It’s nice To eventually Slow down And know That all your jobs are completed. . .

Poem: Hospital Waiting Roon.

Hospital Waiting Room. . . Sitting here on the ward, Watching the waiting patients Closing one eye To enable them To test out the sight in the other. A background of murmuring From the intense couples, Some with their own partner, Others making friends while they wait. The only thing that’s certain Is that I […]

WOW. Who Would Have Thought It.

. Hey Peeps, . This particular post is one for all of you out there. . You may think that there is nothing really new in the music world, but you would be entirely wrong. How about a cat which plays the piano. . The is called Nora, and she appears to live with someone […]

I’m With Phil.

Hi, . This is about a small place in , about 100 miles from Birmingham. It is called Phil Campbell. . It was damaged by a wedge in April 2011. . The Alabama Wedge tornado. . . . The devastation was dreadful, with many people dead or injured as a result. . There was however, […]