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June 2011

Frank And Rita Take A Picture.

Hi, . As nothing much is happening in my life at the moment, with Big H still not too well, I have spent more time looking on the web to amuse myself….well, it beats ! . Here is a nice video. It is about a nice couple called Rita and Frank, who have, on the […]

Orangutan Saves Drowning Duckling.

Hi, . Happy Tuesday to yourself. . I have found a new and interesting video on YouTube which features a baby duckling and an orangutan. . The baby duck was struggling in a zoo pool, after seeming to being abandoned by it’s mother. . The , taking a rest beside the pool, suddenly sees the […]

Sandcastles Rock.

Hi Peeps, . Something really serious and architectural for you today. What satisfaction there is to be found in putting up a beautiful building that becomes a well for others to admire. . Of course sometimes you ! . Ed Jarret hails from in the USA. Recently he was certified as officially breaking his own […]

Debbie Looks For A Soulmate!

Hi, . . The latest Internet craze seems to be one which was posted at the beginning of June. It has garnered over 3m viewers. . That is because it purports to be a genuine e-harmony video bio from a girl called Debbie who is looking for love….and is a graduate MBA. . She is […]

Two Steps Forward, One Step back!

Hi peeps, . So it is , and a Sunday, and a very fine one it is too. . I was up early this morning, to be greeted by hot sunshine and wall to wall blue skies. The weather has been a bit iffy lately, and not at all the amazing heatwave which was forecast […]

It’s Not Easy Putting A Rubber On.

Hi, . . As it is summer….almost….it is time that we enjoyed a crickety post. And a funny one, because I know bugger-all about cricket. . There have actually been some really funny bits of commentary during matches. . The latest one was heard during a BBC Test Match Special at Lords. Jonathan Agnew managed […]

Man In Dinner Suit Falls Down Stairs Near The Savoy.

Hi, . Something a little different today. . I know I have shown you in the past but this is a bit different. This dinner-suited gentleman was reported as having been ejected from an awards ceremony at the grand old Savoy Hotel . The posh do was being hosted by the inimitable Stephen Fry. . […]

BPoMD 114: Good Morning.

Good Morning. . . Waking up on a May morning To see bright squares of sunshine Decorating the creamy folds Of long bedroom curtains. . .

Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch. Ouch.

Hi, . Whoaaah….some people are unreal! . In Las Vegas there is an iron willed lady known as Staysha Randall. She earns her living as a performer….as a strongwoman and a . . She decided to make an attempt at the ‘most piercings done in one session’ Guinness Book Of . . She did this […]

Augo Tries On A Blue Hat.

Hi, . Something else for you here today. It always does you good to have a smile. . This is a cute cub called Augo. . He is to be found at Aalborg Zoo in . . . So now, if you feel the urgent need to have a fancy blue hat of your own….here […]