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June 2011

Poem. Geordie Dialect: Me Mutha’s Deed Man.

Me  Mutha’s  Deed Man. – Nowt’s green roond heah It’s alle bluddy concrete Bluddy beach is gone Nowt but a crappy auld seat. Me Mutha’s deed man, Aye, ahm bluddy glad, Wi alle these changes Shid tek it bad. Shi luvved them trees doon bie the ‘Lark’ Coonsills buggered off hinny Wi wor bluddy park, […]

So Far, The Beansprouts Wuz Innocent!

. Good morning…. from a cloudy, but warm, region of the UK. . Everything here seems relatively calm and under control at the moment, apart from the usual underhanded dealings of suspect , scandals in , underfunded and totally inept immigration policies and the indulgence towards criminals instead of proper concern for their victims. But, […]

The Outbreak Worsens.

Hi, . With about the present outbreak of E-Coli, which began in Germany. . The culprit was most probably bean sprouts, in the opinion of official sources in . ‘So it was bean sprouts what done it’. . Apparently it has been discovered that there were deliveries of these vegetables to the which are at […]

Fiery Skies. Earthquake In Chile.

Hi, . Bad news on the front at the moment. . There has been a in Chile now, from a volcano in the Puyehue Cordon Caulle Chain, which contains many volcanoes. There is said to have been no major eruption there for the past half a century . There is a high plume of smoke […]

Strange New Discovery On Surface Of Mars.

Hi, . There is an amazing amount of interest in a certain YouTube video at the moment. . It was uploaded by a man called David Martines. He is said to have found a fascinating image on Mars while he was looking at the planet….compliments of . . While looking very closely at the surface […]

Jai McDowell Wins Britain’s Got Talent 2011.

Hi, . Just to let you know that this year’s BGT Contest was finally won last night by Jai McDowell, 24. He is a disability support worker who hails from Tarbolton, who was totally overwhelmed by finally reaching first place and winning his £100,ooo prize. . Young Ronan Park, 12, was a close second, with […]

Something Nasty This Way Comes.

Good Morning, . I am afraid that we need to be careful at the moment because there is out there which is putting people in danger. . Health officials are giving warnings about a new strain of the old favourite E-Coli which is causing havoc worldwide, as approaching 2,000 people have caught it so far […]

Lily Allen’s New Adventure.

Hi, . I was interested to find out about Lily Allen, 26, and her new venture. . First she opened a eight months ago, called it ‘Lucy In Disguise’, and now she is designing clothing to put into it. . And very nice they are too. . I was very taken with the black ‘Audrey […]

Time To Kiss More Frogs.

Hi People, . Greetings to you on this beautiful sunlit morning….I do hope that you are as lucky with as we are here. Amazing how good some hot sunshine can make you feel. Everything seems to look so much better this way. . I wrote a post some time ago about two people who apparently […]

Haiku: Spadework.

Spadework. . . Though you pray for rain – It does not mean you can stop Digging for water. . .