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July 2011

To The Beat Of A Sunday Drum.

Hi Peeps, . The madly here to welcome a Sunday. I  suppose that it could be very annoying to some, but I love it, quintessentially British childhood memories there. . . In those far-off days of a simple sort of life, just after WWII, we were grateful for any that would relieve long and bland […]

Big Bad Wolves Abound!

Hi. . Greetings from a land of sunshine….no, I kid you not! . I have to tell you that I got pretty pissed off this morning when the post arrived, well it didn’t just suddenly arrive by magic or by Owl Post or something equally esoteric….the postman brought it ! And it was very very […]

Will This Horror Ever End.

Hello Folks, . I am saddened to have to write this post on what is unfortunately a sadly familiar subject. . I read in the press about this video, which was apparently taken at an Essex abattoir. . The film footage was taken secretly by animal welfare campaigners for Animal Aid, over a period of […]

Do You Remember Me?

Hi, . How are you today. Come on, it has to be better today ‘cos it is a Friday once more! . Unfortunately the weather here has continued to be coldish and very grayish, which is a bit on the disappointing side given that we are at the end of July, which is the height […]

Suffering Succotash!

Hi, . Isn’t it funny how you can be totally struck by something that you have never noticed before. . It’s like a ‘Sylvester ‘ cartoon I saw again recently. You remember how it goes….when he says the catchphrase, he pronounces it is ‘thufferin thuccatash’…. because he has a lisp. . After years of seeing […]

Counting Kisses.

Hi, . Well, here I am once more, prowling about the house . . I did go to bed just after twelve, but then did the old thing of lying there wide-eyed as the hours passed slowly by. Although it was at least snug and warm in bed, I had to leave it eventually because […]

So It’s A Normal Sort Of Tuesday.

Hi Folks, . So beckons. . It is not a great morning weather-wise today, as it is gray gray and more gray. Yesterday came as a disappointment after all of that sun and heat on Sunday, which now seems to have been a one-off,  as the more usual rubbish weather has quickly resumed. . I […]

Typical Man!

Hi, . Another quick one for you. . You know what women say about men not wanting to get married. You can see that they start young.   This YouTube item is the newest sensation, and you can see why! . . . .

Now THAT’S What I Call A Long Garden!

Hello Folks, . I hope that you had a fine weekend yourself. . We had a lovely one up here, because the weather did live up to the ‘sunny’ forecast, and Big H and I made the most of it all. At one point, we went to the garden to and generally tidy everything up […]

Saved From Death Row By Singing Happy Birthday!

Hi Peeps, . Happy news today about Patches the terrier, who was due to be put down in a Mildura dog pound in Northern Victoria, . . The 17 year old dog had belonged to an 82 year old from Italy, called Eddie Vassallo, and he and Patches had been together for a very happy […]