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July 2011

Tatton Park RHS Flowershow 2011

. RHS Show Tatton Park. Cheshire. July 20th- July 24th. . Once again many people enjoy admiring the exhibits in this wonderful show, and as usual there are many wonderful displays on view to an admiring public, and of course everyone has their own favourite one. . Mine is the flowerbed which was chosen to […]

Alex: A Life Fast Forward.

Hi Peeps, . So here we are, having arrived at Friday again….gateway to the weekend and the promise of more fun. . Our past week has been a good one indeed, with Big H continuing to improve in leaps and bounds. Even his self-injections are becoming easier for him now. . For the first month, […]

Haiku: Red Letter Day.

Red Letter Day. . . There is little wrong With a day that contains both Chocolate and sex. . . . this one is for P. . .  

From Godzirra To Seriously Frightening Stuff.

Hi, . So it is that time again. . There have been new reports that a ” has just been spotted by an Alaskan fisherman in Cadboro Bay. It was said to be from 20′ to 30′ long with humps on the back. . So, it may be Nessie enjoying her holidays, or it is […]

A Frog Of Your Own.

Hello, Hello, . Good morning once more from the damp depths of England’s more northern parts. . I risk being unusually repetitious this Wednesday morning when I tell you once again that it is raining….with knobs on! Unfortunately everyone is beginning to look our more usual pale-green again, as those lovely slight tans we obtained […]

You Absolutely Cannot Miss This!

Hi Folks, . I have just seem something absolutely wonderful, and I want to share it with you. . A humpback whale was trapped in a discarded fisherman’s net in the Sea Of Cortez, off the coast of California. . Luckily for the whale, three men in a boat saw what they thought was a […]

A Lost Sheep Comes Home.

Hi, . How is your week going so far then! Mine has been quite interesting. . Yesterday, I received a comment about a poem of mine which I uploaded last year, called Lost Sheep. . Here it is…. Lost Sheep. . He is a little lost sheep Through no fault of his own Out beyond […]

Rain, Rain Go Away!

Hi, . Good morning to yourself. And so we all begin a new week, all untouched as yet! . It is still the usual here, with grey skies and if not rain, then the definite threat of rain because of slow-moving low over the UK.. I went out to this morning and was surprised to […]

From Holidays To Hummingbirds.

Hi Peeps, . Greetings to you from an extremely wet UK. It seems that we have had nothing but ferocious downpours and high winds for ages. . You get up in the morning to the accompaniment of drumming rain and then retire at night to the some beat. I have to say though, that lying […]

Poem: Small Pleasures To Be Had.

Small Pleasures To Be Had. . . The high point of the day Is toast and Marmite Cut into little fingers, And then there’s the postman, Bringing the promise of a letter, Or something unexpected. . .