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July 2011

Banksy’s Work Is Destroyed. Bloody People With White Paint!

Hi, . It seems that Banksy, the born mysterious and iconic graffiti artist is not perhaps as well known in some parts of our society as we might have supposed that he was. . Banksy at Bristol City Museum. 2009. . . . In his hometown there are many familiar and well loved images stencilled […]

Poem: Friend.

Friend. . . Each time I take a walk Along by the river It is a pleasure. Though not so much the water, The hanging trees, Or pillowed grass, As much as it is The large and purry cat Who lies in the dust of pink flowers, Waiting to greet me. . .

Ariel Needs Your Help.

Hi, . Something a bit sad for you today. . In there is a beautiful lion, owned by Raquel Borges. He is called Ariel and he is a massive 140 kg in weight. He is also paralysed now and cannot use his legs at all. . Unfortunately he became ill last year, with a bad […]

Kissy, Kissy.

Hey, . New ideas are good in any situation….and of course in . It does not matter what you think of it, because just the act of watching and forming the opinion that you have of it is stimulating. . I was reading about a woman called Natalie Irish, an from Houston, Texas. . She […]

Shedding A Little Light In A Naughty World.

Hi, . Today I thought That I would be a bit of a bright spark and talk about a very special and well-loved thing. . Something which has a fan club of thousands and is well admired world-wide. . ? Then I’ll begin…. . On June 18th 2011, a hand blown , with a carbon […]

Haiku: Augury.

Augury. . . Once in a blue moon- The shadow of a dark earth Shows a bloody face. . .

To Pee Or Not To Pee.

Hi, . As I am sure that we would all agree, weekends are excellent opportunities for a bit of fun…..food, drink, friends, and a bit of a laugh. However, it is possible to go to far….or perhaps not far enough, in order to reach a proper toilet! . It is against the law to pee […]

Joe McElderry Wins Pop Star To Opera Star.

Hello folks, . I don’t know if you have been following the latest contest in the Popstar To Operastar series. . I enjoyed the last one I watched because it had my old time favourite in it….and he won it too. . My favourite PSTOS song from Darius….just because I can! . . This particular […]

To Go Or Not To Go, That Is The Question!

Hey, , So it is Sunday, and what a day it is. . After a week of very heavy rainstorms, we were greeted this morning by sunshine and blue skies once again….so the once more. . I don’t know what is in store for us for the rest of this promising day, apart from a […]

Miru Kim. Naked Artist.

Hey, . This post is about a girl who began her adult life wanting to be a . She became a medical student with such a career in mind for herself, but she actually ended up developing a career as an unusual artist by taking pictures of herself in unusual places….. . It happened when […]