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July 2011

Haiku: Habit.

Habit. . You are a white moth  – Flying back towards a flame You cannot resist. . .

Rats R Us.

Good Morning, . At least it is a good morning just about anywhere but in Southampton, because the Government and the unions are at loggerheads there. . As I , there has been a binman’s strike underway in Southampton for several weeks, which has left uncollected rubbish to rot all over the streets of the […]

The Cube Project.

Hey, Hey, . I hope that all is well with yourself today….and with your home and hearth. . My thoughts have been turning to again lately, and to the changes required for a retirement move. . I have also often wondered how much ‘stuff’ we actually need instead of the mountains of ‘neccessary’ posessions that […]

Haiku: Orange.

Orange. . . The cast orange peel All dimpled on the table – Aglow with summer. . .

War Horse.

Hi, . Did you see the play War Horse or not. To those of you lucky people who live near enough to get to the West End in or who have the necessary time, energy and money to travel there…a really unbelievable treat is in store for you if you have not seen it yet. […]

Haiku: Shutters And Doors.

Shutters And Doors. . See that blue flower – The very same turquoise hue That keeps out evil. . .

The Fun-Loving People Will Have Their Way.

Hi, . When you look at top models, both male and female, they do not really have much in common with the everyday people who drool over the fashion magazines and then dash to buy the that were advertised. . You rarely see anyone being used to advertise the clothing sold at high street shops […]

So How Does A Firework Feel On The 4th July!

Hello, . I know that this is that lots of you, especially you Americans, want to know the answer to. . Indeed, it may actually be one of the great questions of our time! . It is not something that you would ever expect to find the answer to, but if you really want to […]

Haiku: Adapt.

Adapt. . . Make the most of things _ If your garden faces North Find plants that like shade. . .

All Sunday Not Touched As Yet.

Greetings to you all, . Oh, what a beautiful  morning, Oh what a….. . It is truly in the North today. . The sky is a blazing blue framing an incandescently bright sun….and the church bells are going bonkers. Our whole world is . . Although it was not a very bright afternoon yesterday, Big […]