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August 2011

Uniformed Police Officer Filmed Having Sex On Car Hood.Adult Content.

Oh Dear, . A surveillance camera in Santa Fe, New Mexico, has taken film which has got the state police in a real tizzy. . The pictures show a uniformed officer, still wearing his gun and utility belt, having sex with a woman lying across the hood of a car. . There is now an […]

Tooth Filling Without Any Scary And Painful Drilling.

Hi, . Today is starting in the usual way….very cold and damp and grey. The same old, same old! . Yesterday was different to my expectations, because we had a visit from who calls every once in for a catch-up. . Big H and I were just on our way out to go and cut […]

Are You Looking For True Love?

Hi romantics, . So, are you ….true and lasting . Well, there is now a site which follows on from an old idea, which may well help you to find ‘the one’. . Many years ago a lady in the USA married a man who was quite similar looking to her. And this is a […]

A Breakfast Treat.

Good morning Peeps, . So, now the holiday is done and the world takes over again….stuff like work and shopping! Still, a day off is definitely nice while it lasts. . Today Big H was up before eight, to attend to his morning medications, and I was left in bed by myself….whoaaah, scary stuff! > […]

One For All Film Fans.

Hi Film Fans, . So, it is a Bank Holiday today, and I am pleased to report that I was greeted this morning by cloudy skies and sunshine!!. Wow, I had nearly forgotten what that feels like. . So, Big H and I will  most likely decide to avoid avoid any excursions on the roads, […]

A Weekend Flight Of Fancy.

Hey, Hey, , So it is ….and guess what….it’s wettish. Now there’s a surprise ….Not! . Anyway there is no point in grumbling, because it is almost the end of our summer and that’s that, and the days are already getting shorter again. It is a good job that it will be soon, ‘cos getting […]

More Of The ‘Same Old Same Old’.

Hello Again, . Congratulations on having the luxury of a before you….and sorry if yours includes going to work! Back in the day, I used to adore waking up on a Saturday morning and then suddenly realising that I could lie there a bit longer if I wanted too, it was like suddenly being let […]

Housework Kills.

Good morning to you, . We have a morning here which looks like the opening of a story, all pale and thick grey fog, revealing the odd spectral figure within. Nice one for August! . Today I am a bit sore, and getting this post out is proving to be a bit touch and go, […]

Those Were Good Days.

Hi, . Wow, I love the smell of toast in the morning….it smells like breakfast!!! . So, here we are again on yet another WET morning, so that’s a nice change from all of the other WET days we are having this year. Much more of this and I shall have to re-learn how to […]

So What Has Happened To Democracy!

Hi, . So how do you all feel then about finally telling us all that what we want is of absolutely no importance at all to anyone in power. . He says that because we voted a Yes to join the EU in 1975, we are now in the EU forever….one Yes vote now being […]