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August 2011

First Date Hell.

Hello Folks, . You know that we are all for the perfect partner. So what is the worst first date that you ever went on. . Come along now….you know that we all had one. There is a new website which has immediately become extremely popular…. crapdate.com. . This site was started by a guy […]

Mystery In Essex.

Hi, . Familiar things are happening again. This time in . . The M11 was the place where it happened, near to the Stanstead . But this was not a plane landing or taking off….this was apparently yet , and it was filmed. . Here it is …. . . It seems that a few […]

Hedgehog. A Day In The Life.

Hello, . Yesterday we went out for a long walk, as is thankfully quite the usual for us these days. . And the day before, while going out for exactly the same walk, I had spotted a smallish lump in the middle of the road, which appeared to be a squashed . For some reason […]

Let’s Not Go To Bed.

Hi, . I am sad to have to tell you that we are now as bad as , when it comes to bed bugs. . I have written about this in the recent past….and it is getting much much worse now. . This has been highlighted by media reports which allege that there was a […]

From Destruction And Bravery Comes Creativity!

Hello, . I have just one more post from the recent and unbelievable that went on here. . I don’t know if you saw the footage of a very in Hackney who tried to make the rioters see sense and think about what they were doing. . She quite rightly saw the damage that these […]

Riots in West Croydon. 08-08-2011.

Hi, . Now there are new uploads on YouTube taken from CCTV during the recent rioting. . I have stuck to one particular area…. West Croydon…..on 8th August. . This is a man being robbed of his scooter. . . Buses were attacked. . . Richer Sounds being looted. . Fires started. . . Furniture […]

All I Want For Christmas Is….

Hello, . How the hell are you today. . I am fine …. thank you for asking! . I had a thought this morning…. about….what would you if you were given one wish …but only to do with yourself. What would be good! . My answer to the question was that I would like a […]

Life After ‘The Bill’.

. Hi, to all you quite-possibly-grumpy Monday Peeps, . Today’s post is about a prime example of not just giving up when change comes. Sometimes, although it is unwelcome, it can allow your dreams to come true because you have nothing more to lose by trying. . It concerns an actor called Jeff Stewart, who […]

Feeling Blue!

Bonjour mes amis, . So, as you have probably gathered….today’s post has an authentic French flavour. . It has come about because I was thinking recently about how many of the shades of and brown, used enthusiastically in house decoration and furnishing, are colours that I find to be personally depressing, and would therefore avoid […]

Wot….no rain!!!

Hello, . Up early once more here ‘. I don’t know why, but it may be the total absence of drumming rain. . Yes, I kid you not, all is drier and a lot more silent today, but it is still a very dark morning with very heavy cloud….which promises that this seeming end to […]