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August 2011

Sometimes You Just Know That They Are Wrong!

Hello, . I wish you a fine day. It is still unfeasibly warm up here ….and with heavily clouded skies. Yesterday we cunningly went for a long walk in the countryside, before the torrential but warm rain began, with Big H sweating as if it was going out-of-fashion. . That sounds yukky of course, but […]

What Shall I Imagine Today then.

G’day, . I though that I should begin today’s missive with an once again. . It seems a good idea as we are in the middle of a very muggy period. The sun is not necessarily shining down upon us, but it is incredibly hot and stifling under a hazy grey sky. . Yesterday we […]

Do We Make Ripples Or Not!

Hi, . Welcome to a new week. I wonder what it holds for us! . I have often thought that so many people seem to be willing to pay their monies and go to see mediums and fortune tellers. They want to know stuff that seems to be of prime importance to peoples all over […]