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September 2011

On The Tidelines.

Hey folks, . Strange things have been happening around our coastline, as previously quite rare creatures are being seen more and some of them are ending up beached on our shores. . Sei Whales are big and even the young ones can be about 3O’+. . Unfortunately, we have just experienced the autumn Equinox Tides, […]

What A Day That Was.

Hi, . Greetings to you, from a northern place where an early blue sky and sunshine seems to be disintegrating into a much duller sort of day…but I don’t care, because yesterday was sublime. . We went off for the day to a place called Howick, which is set on the coast. The rocks there […]

What A Treasure!

Hey, . We are now at the midpoint of the week, but I am beginning to think that the promised period of Indian Summer may not be going to happen for us. . Yesterday was mostly cloudy and not too warm. . We did manage to have a longish walk but I started out with […]

Scandal. Sarah Ferguson. Duchess of York

Good Morning, . Life is indeed a funny thing. . We sometimes make bad choices about the things that we choose to do in our lives, and then we must choose how to deal with of them. . Most of us get to do these things in a quiet and everyday kind of way, but […]

Rise And Shine.

Hey, . What an amazing start to a new week. We all awoke to hazy blue skies and sunshine, like a faded photo of a hot summer’s day. . The forecast says that the temperature will be very high this week , the highest for about the last 25 years or so. Now, won’t that […]

An Everyman’s Protest.

Hi, . There is a Battle Royal underway, in a small village of about 150 houses, in . . The villagers of Irton had been fighting for five years to prevent what they consider to be the wanton and unnecessary felling of their beloved Beech tree, which is growing on a grass verge at the […]

Spontaneous Human Combustion. Real Life Is Stranger Than Fiction.

Hello Folks, . Well, today I have something very weird to write about, something most definitely meant to be added to my Mysteries And Wonderments section. . Life can be so at times. . In 2010, on December 22nd, it seems that a very strange and rare thing happened in a place called Ballybane in […]

The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face.

Hi to all of you musical folks. . As you know, like all of you I have my favourite songs, and the The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ is one of them. But which version is the best, as so many excellent singers have brought their own style to it over the past […]

Clever Hobbitses.

Hi, . As you were rushing to leave home today, have you ever given a thought to the reasons why many of us are always tiredly dashing off to work. . Is it to pay the large mortgage upon one of the huge structures that we are encouraged to aspire to, with some houses now […]

Naked Dance.

Good Morning, . . As you know, I like doing figurative art…and find the human body to be beautiful in many ways and . . Especially in the art-forms of . . . Such as , as wonderfully depicted in …. Degas’s Ballerinas. . . . . I find this beautiful too….for me, hardly just […]