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September 2011

MABEL: I Robot.

Hello, . Something a bit different from the usual today. It is about robots….and no, I am not talking about our current crop of politicians. . Researchers in development at the University of Michigan have created MABEL. MABEL being a two legged which is now being put through it’s paces. . It can run at […]

Don’t Spend A Penny.

Hi, . Now all of us need to ‘spend a penny’ at some time or another. . But of course other people be them! This is just an idea which caught my eye, and I shall quickly get to the bottom of the matter for you. . A gentleman, who had spent about 35 years […]

Flower Power!

Good Morning People, . I was up early again today, in time to watch a reasonably nice sunrise….all faint and yellow through the cloud layer. Perhaps we shall enjoy another variable yet mainly sunny day like yesterday, you just need to time it right between the rain showers and you can enjoy a fine walk […]

Haiku: Homesick.

Homesick. . Are you homesick yet – For those people still unmet And unknown places. . .

Return Of The Blob.? Sept 14th 2011.

Hi, . A new UFO scare in America took place a few days ago. . There was great consternation when a flaming was clearly seen to fly for hundreds of miles through the skies, from Phoenix in the east across to Los Angeles in the west. . Shock!….Horror!….Danger!!!!! Could it be The Blob. I remember […]

Have You Got The Clap?

Hi, . Here we see an unusual thing. Would you believe that it is possible to clap at such a speed that you can reach 14 claps PER SECOND!!!!!! . Whoaaah! . . . Now that is impressive….but I bet I could do it if I was drunk enough!!!!! . Of course, not everybody takes […]

Katie: Three Years On.

Hi, . How are you today? I hope that everything is progressing well, with all of you out there in your various lives. . It can be so easy to complain sometimes, when things do not proceed according to plan, or we cannot have everything that we want. But sometimes, some things work to put […]

NYPD Cops filmed Dirty Dancing. Adult Content.

Good Morning Folks, . So it is Wednesday today and the weekend is quickly approaching….excellent! . You can probably tell that I am a lot warmer and therefore far more cheerful today. . Yesterday our boiler was finally fixed on . A new engineer from the firm who actually made the flighty thing in the […]

Feeling A Bit Windy.

Hi, . Whoaahh….things are wild and windy here at the moment. . Yesterday we received the tail-end of Hurricane Katia as it arrived fresh from it’s journey across the Atlantic from . . Big H and I have been stuck in the house for the last three days because our boiler went haywire, and there […]

9/11. We Remember.

Hi, . Sad memories at this time. We are all remembering the shock and horror of the attacks on the Twin Towers on September 11 2001, a sad ten years ago. . Short clip of first plane. . . Short Clip of second plane . . . Various news reports of the attack as it […]