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September 2011

Guns Are Dangerous.

Hi, . There are many people who think that everyone should be able to carry guns here in the UK….just the same way as they can in America….to protect themselves and their property. . But sometimes it is painfully brought home to them that there can be dangers from this right to the possession of […]

A Police Beat.

hey, . Today we can see something a little lighthearted after all of the recent that we all had to suffer through. . The Notting Hill Carnival closely followed on after that and people were very worried about what could happen there. . There was a massive police presence, which was reported to be higher […]

Always On My Mind. Which Version Is The Best.

Hey, . As you know, I have my of favourite songs. Same as you do! . Songs such as Always On My Mind. However, I do spend time wondering which version , by which singer, is the best one….and therefore my actual ‘favourite of favourites’. . So many great singers sing this song, but they […]

Laboratory Chimps Freed After Spending 30 Years in Cages.

Hi, . I don’t know your opinions of using animals for medical testing, but I have never been happy about it. . I was very heartened when I found out about a group of who were finally freed after they had been taken away from their mothers as babies, in order for them to be […]

Life Can Be A Beach.

Hey, I like this. . . Do you like it! . . .

Four Is A Good Age To Be.

Hi, . Today I had to decide between telling you about the kind of day I had yesterday… or…show you something to . . So, it was a toss up between telling you all the details of how I had bought a long green pure silk dress incredibly cheaply in a sale situation …. without […]

I Will Punch You! That Thing Is Freakin’ Huge!

Hey, . I know ….it is Monday, but how about a good laugh to begin the day. You will enjoy this, except perhaps if you are one of the many amongst us. . It happened in Indiana. In the studio of Fox 59, total panic broke out when they were in the middle of a weather […]

Jade Richards Was Amazing On X Factor 2011.

Hi, . I was watching the latest auditions for X Factor tonight, and I really enjoyed them a lot. . In amongst the usual, totally deluded would-be’s, there was some amazingly good talent on the show. . I was especially impressed with some of the 16 year olds, who were astoundingly good. They were Max […]

Looking At Naked Ladies Can Be A Real Education.

Hey. . It is a Saturday. So how about we do something artistic and interesting today. After all, it is not often that you are positively encouraged to look at ladies…. but through the artist’s own unique eye! . So here we are then. Are you sitting comfortably….then . . Enjoy looking at these naked […]

In My Dreams.

Hey, . Good Morning to yourself! . I am up again very early this morning, and don’t ask me why, because I don’t know. It can hardly have been the lure of watching a magnificent sunrise because the dull, damp and heavy grey cloud layer is still ‘present and correct’ as usual. . The only […]