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October 2011

Sharing The Love.

Hi Folks, . So we are back to Monday….why do there always seem to be more Mondays than there are Saturdays!!!!! . It sucks!!!! . Therefore, I shall attempt to cheer up your morning with a smile, and put you in a good mood for the day. I like animal stuff, as that always seems […]

Frozen Planet: Unmissable Stuff.

Hi, . Have you been perusing your TV guide diligently. Have you been lucky enough to have watched the beginning of the new BBC documentary series, narrated by our old favourite, Sir David Attenborough. That man is concentrated television, even at 85. He should be cloned! . This new series is about finding what effects […]

From The Darkest North.

Good Morning Peeps, . That is just an everyday greeting of course, which has nothing whatever to do with the sort of day that we are having up here. . It is nine o’clock am, and I still need to have the living room light on in order to be able to read comfortably. I […]

‘Tis The Season To Be Jolly.

Hello, hello, . I am writing to you from a very cold, but still sunny place, which is about the best that we can wish for at this time of year. . The one good thing about it is that the crows are now beginning to make a noise in the evenings, as they gather […]

You’ve Got A Friend.

HI, . One of the best things in life is to spend time with good friends, and this applies to all animals equally. . I love this this clip, which shows a wonderful friendship and tolerance between two very unusual creatures. After all, fun is  fun! . . It reminded me of the between the […]

Keeping Ahead Of The Game.

Hi, . And a really good morning to yourself. . It is great here this morning. There was the usual chilly start to the day, but now we have sunshine and icy ….nice! . There are no set plans for us today so far, but if this weather holds then I think we will probably […]

How To Really Stir Up The People.

Hello People, . I am feeling quite depressed today. . Not only because my visitors have now left, and I miss all of the fun in this once-again quiet house….and not only because of the pouring rain….but also because of that totally undemocratically inclined . . There has just been a debate in Parliament about […]

Poem: Buddleia.

Buddleia. . A buddleia bush. Rangy arms thrust In every direction. Not tidy, or well ordered, But decorated like a masterpiece By butterflies that congregate Upon vivid blue flowers. . .

You Can’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover.

Good Morning, . I hope I find you having a good day out there. . Sorry I have been somewhat  tardy with my posting this weekend, but I am in the middle of enjoying a smashing family visit and am therefore a lot busier than I get to be during my normal days with the […]

I’m Still In The Dark.

Good Morning Peeps, . And so here I am again, in a somewhat . Sitting here writing a post in the early hours of the morning, with only the sound of a slight smattering of rain against the windows to keep me company. . It is a cold four o’clock in the morning ….. well […]