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October 2011

Gentlemen, Let’s Be Upstanding!

Hi, . My goodness it was freezing cold here last night. . I kept waking up throughout the night because it was so cold….horrible! When I got up this morning into a chilly bedroom, I gave an involuntary shudder-type thing and felt a sharp crunchy pain in my neck….and now I cannot move it ….and […]

China: Child Run Over Twice, Ignored By Passers-By.

Hey, . The video contained in this post is an unbelievable one. . It shows harrowing footage from the Guangfo Hardware Market, in , and was recorded on October 13th. . A two year old girl, wandering in a road, is hit by a van, which is seen to leave the scene of the accident […]

No Arms, No Legs, No Worries.

Hi, . We can make life so hard and blame circumstances for things that do not go well. . I mean a lot of my friends can consider their day to be ruined if they have a day. Bad hair….what about having no arms!! . The next clip is an one. The lady shown has […]

Poem: Contact.

Contact. . . A late night call From someone you love, For no other reason than That they are thinking about you, Is what makes sense Of a sometimes puzzling world. . .

Come On, It’s Not Like It’s The End Of The World!

Hey, . So, it is Monday, the least popular day of the week. Everyone is now wishing away the days until Friday, and the exciting promise of a weekend to suit themselves. . Unfortunately, wishing away the days might not be a good idea….at least not according to some It is time to be scared […]

The Winds Of Change.

Hi, . Greetings to you from the dark and rainy North. . Today I am thinking about the changes in since I was growing up, remember that we only bought a television when I was about 13. It only received broadcasts for a certain number of hours per day. . Nowadays things are very very […]

The Incredible Ageing Woman.

Hi, . Today I woke to surprisingly bright sunshine, and forecasts promise a couple of days of unseasonably good, warm weather. Yeah, possibly, but the seasons pass inexorably no matter what we prefer, or how much we protest their change. . It is the same with life. All of us worry about the unwelcome effects […]

A World Of Pure Illusion.

Hey, . I don’t know your opinion on the henna decorations that you sometimes see done on the hands. . As you may well have ….I love them! . However the clip that I am uploading today is light years past that. It is definate artwork….and very fascinating to boot. . See what you think. […]

Talk About Being Taken For A Ride.

Hi, . Some time ago I did a post about the in Russia. These people jump onto the trains, and travel between stations for the fun and fuelled thrills….and obviously kudos amongst fellow travellers. . There has just been a YouTube video uploaded which shows that there seems to do noting that is so dangerous […]

It’s Decision Time….Who Is Going To Leave The Show This Week!

Hi, . It is Wednesday today, so we can now begin to make plans for the weekend. . My own plans have now changed, in so far as my planned television viewing is concerned anyway. . As you know, I have been going off X Factor since last year’s show and all of the vote-fixing […]