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October 2011

Meet Me In Winter. 1.

. Hey, . There are many picturesque and that are examples of the best to be found in Britain. . Places like the lovely small market town in the Cotswolds….enchantingly named Wotton-under-Edge. . . . In this place an idea grew from the thoughts of Katie Elliott….and spread on their website …. meetmeinwinter.org. The result […]

Now You See It….Now You Don’t.

Hello Monday, . After a weekend of rubbish weather, and extremely from the dampness, I was once again thinking of how much nicer it would be to live down in a place like where it is warm enough to support some quite tropical plants. And oh, the lure of more sunshine and much warmer winters. […]

How To Make Absolutely Sure That You Get A Golden Globe.

Hi, . So hopefully your weekend is proceeding well. Mine is damp but fine thank you! . So, with reference about the planned sale of lots of personal items belonging to the superstar John Wayne, who died of stomach cancer 30+ years ago in 1972, after making 250 films. . It took place in Los […]

Going Like A Bomb.

Hi, . How are you! Things are very quiet for us here at the moment, given the horrible rainy weather and the chilly winds lately. It was so bad that I got earache from it when we went on our last long walk….as if I need any more body parts going wrong at the moment! […]

It Makes Dying Look Good.

Good day, . This morning we all awoke to pale blue skies and anaemic sunshine….and the news that it has been snowing already….now there’s cheerful then! . Actually I am feeling quite grumpy this morning because I have been somewhat unwell twice over the last two days. I mean, nothing terminal, just unpleasant. . My […]

Wanton Destruction Finally Takes Place.

Hey, . This post is to let you know that the jobsworths have prevailed once again against the protests of just about everyone else. . You remember , Scarborough. The villagers in Ireton have been protesting for years about the decision by North County Council to cut down their beautiful 100 year old Beech tree. […]

Ugghhhh Boots.

. Hi, . Once again we have reports of terrible which is apparently going on . It seems that many items of apparel which are marked as faux fur are actually produced using the fur of Raccoon Dogs. . It is also reported that many pairs of copy Ugg Boots are not made with actual […]

All Roads Lead To Rome.

Hi, . Oh dear, I am up early again this morning, and it is getting depressingly wintry now. It is seven am now and it is still darkish, as well as being a bit chilly in the house, as the central heating is not set to switch on until 7.30. . There are many beautiful […]

More Of The Same Old.

Hiya, . Greetings from the unluckily rain sodden part of the UK. . I don’t know what it is with our weather up here, but it certainly manages to be sub-standard a lot of the time. Yesterday it was pouring with rain for most of the day, and this was happening was while the beaches […]

Setting Fires And Stuff.

Hey, Hey, . And a good morning to yourself. I hope that your weekend so far has been enjoyable….if not, you still have all of Sunday to go…. so get on with it! . My own weekend has been fine, but somewhat quiet, after all of that travelling a few days ago, to find bags […]