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November 2011

Taking It On The Chin.

Hey Folks, . Is your weekend progressing well. Are you having the time of your life! . Well, if so, I am pleased that one of us is having fun, because my life has turned to shit again. Unfortunately I have broken down once more, like a well used toy. . Last night I went […]

Sugar Cubes.

Hi Folks, . Greetings from the Far North. We are enjoying an unseasonably hot day today …. I am not wearing my furry boots …. it is toooo warm for them!!!! . I don’t know what is causing such unseasonably amazing weather, but if I can see people on the streets in their shirts today, […]

Blonde On An Escalator.

Hi, . Having a blonde moment. . . . . Who says blondes don’t have more fun! . .

Things You CANNOT Do.

Hey, . Hoping that Thursday is going well with you. . Today I am in a much more laid-back frame of mind, so I am not feeling the need to make you share in my worries as ….so no bed bugs or spiders today then. All is mellow with me. . My visit to the […]

This Is My Yukky Day!

Hi, . So it is Wednesday….so far so good….but today I have my first visit to a new dentist…so, not so good now! . Along with most of you, a visit to the dentist’s is not my idea of a fun happening, most especially not with a new one….and you have decide who to choose […]

George Harrison Was Definately Here.

Hey, . I hope that I find you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, and that this particular Tuesday day is starting very well for you. . I am very good myself today and am really feeling glad to be alive. . Some days are just like that aren’t they ….  ones where everything is that […]

Doesn’t Time Pass Quickly.

Hey, . This is something I liked … along with many other people. Having very much admired such presentations . . ! . These particular YouTube clips have been uploaded by  a girl calling herself ‘madandcrazychild’… I have no idea who she actually is. . It a quite fascinating, because she has been taking pictures […]

A Mother’s Revenge!

Hi, . It seems that everyone knows someone who has had their car clamped, or has had it actually happen to them in person. . And sometimes people have just had enough… . A lady called Julia Hazel was someone who felt like that. Reports say that her son had been clamped once he had […]

OMG. I feel Seasick. Garrett McNamara Triumphs.

Hey. . We are thinking about a visit to our old favourite place, Tynemouth, very soonish….if the weather decides to clear itself up a bit. Even when it is so cold, a paddle on the shoreline is a real pleasure, although you definitely do lose all feeling in your lower legs. . I cannot imagine […]

Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue.

Hello Peeps, . I have been reading about the strangest thing. . Apparently someone other than the old WWII Hitler doctors has been interested in turning brown eyes into Nordic blue ones. . I wonder how many people have a secret desire to change their eye colour in this way…perhaps there is a suspicion that […]