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November 2011

A Murmuration Of Starlings.

Hi, . Welcome to the beginnings of winter. I just love the way that birds gather into flocks at this time in the dying year, and form into amazing squadrons which display in awesome patterns across the dusk and morning skies. . I often stand in the early dawn, cup of hot tea clasped in […]

Thought For The Day.

Hi, . . I suddenly had a thought of my own last night….and this is it…. . …. Isn’t it strange how people who have nothing to say have so much to say! …. . . .

A Safari Feeling.

Hey Folks, . Wow, it is dark here today. It is 10am and we still need all the lights on in the living room, while outside it is gloomy, wet and very very grey….a Gothic sort of day actually. I think that if were going to be found lurking in the daylight hours, it would […]

Born To Paint.

Hi, . WOW, it is cold up here this morning. All of the windows were iced up when I rose from my bed at 7am, and there was a very wintry scene outside, with all of the nearby house roofs gleaming with frost. I expect that all of the crows are feeling very chilled and […]

How The Mighty Have Fallen.

Hi, . This is a post which is interesting for everyone, never mind just the tree-huggers amongst us. . In the Parks of America there are some groves of the Giant Sequoia Trees, which are giant Redwoods. . These amazing trees measure huge circumferences around their trunk. . In fact, as a child, I can […]

It’s Gonna Be A Lovely Day!

Hey Folks, . Are you all set for a lovely romantic weekend, after enduring a totally non-romantic slog of a week. . Well, the journey to work need not always be lacking in …. …..especially if you were one of the tired on the 19.57 London Overground Service to Watford Junction, in carriage no.2 on […]

Lemmings Will Love This Place!

Hey Folks, . This post is especially for any of you Lemmings who happen to be reading my post today….so, you don’t need to bother writing to me anymore, in order to complain that I do not try and include the concerns of such small creatures such as yourselves in my posts. . You may […]

UFO Filmed During Sunday Night Football. 23rd Oct 2011.

Hey, . Here we have another possible UFO sighting to grace my Mysteries And Wonderments section. . This time the action took place during a American football match in Saint Louis, . . Apparently the video was taken by a fan who had gone to enjoy the match. It seems that he was using the […]

Poem: Fat Caterpillar.

Fat Caterpillar. . Racing across the bridle path Intent upon it’s own business The fat and hairy caterpillar Has no time to worry about mountain bikes. . .

More Of The Same Today. Boring!

HI, . And a fine morning to you. . Actually that is not happening here today, as it is not a welcoming sort of morning….in fact it is wet, wet, wet! . There’s a thought. Do you remember that group called Wet, Wet, Wet, which were very very popular some years ago? . I recall […]