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December 2011

‘Glow In The Dark’ Surfers Greet The Summer On Bondi Beach.

G’day, . . Do note the Australian flavour to the proceedings today It may be cold and damp up here in The North, where winter is underway, but some places are just beginning their summertime. . Places like . A place where they have just celebrated a most fabulous ‘Welcome To Summer’ extravaganza, which was […]

Stallone’s Journey.

Hello, . In a world where great kindness and compassion can be found, there is also great cruelty. . This is especially true in the secret world of dog fighting. . I found this video which graphically shows the awful cruelty suffered by the poor animals whose owners choose to use them for sport. . […]


Hi, . I have to say that this weather is continuing to be very, very strange. . I did read that we have just had the hottest November for 50+ years, so unusual that daffodils are blooming again in the Eden Project, something that would not usually occur until January arrives. . There has also […]