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‘Glow In The Dark’ Surfers Greet The Summer On Bondi Beach.

G’day, . . Do note the Australian flavour to the proceedings today It may be cold and damp up here in The North, where winter is underway, but some places are just beginning their summertime. . Places like . A place where they have just celebrated a most fabulous ‘Welcome To Summer’ extravaganza, which was […]

Stallone’s Journey.

Hello, . In a world where great kindness and compassion can be found, there is also great cruelty. . This is especially true in the secret world of dog fighting. . I found this video which graphically shows the awful cruelty suffered by the poor animals whose owners choose to use them for sport. . […]


Hi, . I have to say that this weather is continuing to be very, very strange. . I did read that we have just had the hottest November for 50+ years, so unusual that daffodils are blooming again in the Eden Project, something that would not usually occur until January arrives. . There has also […]

Freedom Is Not Just A Word.

Hi, . I thought you might like to hear yet about the work carried out to rescue and re-house laboratory animals. This time it is shown on a video posted by the Freedom Beagle project. . These dogs were born especially to live such a restricted life, where they were kept in cages in the […]

Who Gives A Fuck!

hs. . Oh God, I have just been so bored, bored, bored, with a series of bloody television programmes which I had pre-recorded and suddenly decided to watch while Big H had one of his infamous five hour baths. . They were all about various aspects of body image, plastic surgery, and peoples’ feelings about […]

102 Is A Magic Number.

Hi Peeps, . Even very old people can find excitement…..if they have the nerve to . . A while ago there were more saddening headlines about older people being uprooted willy-nilly from their nursing homes before being scattered away from their friends and routines, into new places whether they wish to go or not. . […]

The Attack Of The Killer Clothes Horse.

Hello, . It’s the weekend….Whoopee! . It’s that time of the week again, when we all get down to party …. especially those who have taken up the student lifestyle and are busy making friends and influencing people. . Of course, some of us find that life in a strange place can be full of […]

Paul Barton Plays With Elephants.

Hi, . Some people go to great lengths to share their music with an . People like Paul Barton. He played for a specially chosen audience in Thailand. . This clip shows him playing Beethoven. . . Yes, his audience were elephants. . The elephant who is standing directly behind the piano, is just about […]

The Eternal Battle.

Hello Folks, . How are you today. If you live here in the UK, you may not have a lot to be pleased about, but at least you probably haven’t been bitten today. . Of course, we are talking about midgies here, as I have no knowledge at all about your Vampire leanings. Your own […]

Black Friday Again.

Hey, . Just a quick one for you all, as a bit of a Christmas reminder. . Did you notice that Amazon have their on again this year. . I don’t have enough patience myself, but a lot of people seem to find bargains. . I suppose that it is a very good idea….as long […]