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Ted Williams. Lost And Found.

Good Morning Folks, . Well, this morning I have a cheering story of how life can change for anyone….just like that. . In America, a videographer who was driving by, noticed a man begging for a dollar at the side of the road. He noticed that the man was carrying a large piece of cardboard […]

Poem: Penelope.

Penelope. . . Yet still the lonely dove Sits sadly on the bare branch, Wearing a soft grey coat Suitable for extended mourning. . .

Catfish Noodling. Extreme Sport.

Hey, . Good morning to you, from a place where it is bloody freezing and we have frost coating everything this morning, Oh dear, I do not like the look of this at all. This is not very tropical!!! . So, let’s take our minds off it all. Here is another for you, although this […]

New Sensation.

Hi, . How about appreciating the simple things in life! . Like snow! . It is possible to watch the penguins at Edinburgh Zoo having fun, if you use a webcam which has been set up there. . it seems that Twitter users have described these webcam scenes as the best viewing to be found […]

Haiku: Script.

Script. . . Just a normal plot – Boy, girl, love, home, kids and car, It’s compulsory. . .

A Devil Of A Feast.

Hey, . I have just been hearing about yet another case of casualties resulting from the terrifically cold winter we are being subjected to this year. The sea has apparently become the coldest it has been for over 100 years. . This fall in temperature has now resulted in almost 50,000 Necora Puber, otherwise known […]

Haiku: Swine.

Swine. . . Care for planet Earth – Not shitting on your own step Makes a lot of sense. . .

Going To the Dogs.

Oh dear, . The new VAT increase is now pushing the prices up, while temperatures are all set to fall again. I cannot believe that we may have to cope with a return of December’s horrible Arctic weather. We really needed cheering up, because we have months to go until the summer arrives again, but […]

Poem: Visitors

Visitors. . . The whole house so reverberates After the knocking on the front door That even the dust motes seem agitated In their beams of sunlight. So who can be standing out there, expectantly, Upon this September afternoon. Unfortunately this will have to remain a puzzle, As there will be no answer. . .

2011. The Mummy Returns!

Greetings Peeps, . Home again, home again,! . I am finally back from my Christmas peregrinations, and I hope that I find you similarly happy after your holiday, replete with desirable presents and with not too much extra weight from all of those festive goodies. . It is a very good job that it only […]