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Notorious B.I.G. Stops Baby From Crying.

Hi, . . How soon do we form our tastes! . . Hey baby I know what I like !!! . .  

Oooh, Temptation On A Sunday Afternoon.

Hey, . As you may have noticed … Monday’s post totally failed to happen, so here it is….just a day late!!! . . Yesterday,  I had a very nice daydream about owning a 42.7 acre Hebridean Island. . Do you want to share the dream too …. if so, here are the details for your […]

Meet Me In Winter. 2.

Hi, . Just a quick catch-up on my about the wonderful idea behind ‘Meet Me In Winter’. . The whole concept has continued spreading to catch the hearts and emotions of many different people all over the UK….fulfilling the original belief of the organisers that ‘together, we can do extraordinary things’. . It was talked […]

Taking It On The Chin.

Hey Folks, . Is your weekend progressing well. Are you having the time of your life! . Well, if so, I am pleased that one of us is having fun, because my life has turned to shit again. Unfortunately I have broken down once more, like a well used toy. . Last night I went […]

Sugar Cubes.

Hi Folks, . Greetings from the Far North. We are enjoying an unseasonably hot day today …. I am not wearing my furry boots …. it is toooo warm for them!!!! . I don’t know what is causing such unseasonably amazing weather, but if I can see people on the streets in their shirts today, […]

Blonde On An Escalator.

Hi, . Having a blonde moment. . . . . Who says blondes don’t have more fun! . .

Things You CANNOT Do.

Hey, . Hoping that Thursday is going well with you. . Today I am in a much more laid-back frame of mind, so I am not feeling the need to make you share in my worries as ….so no bed bugs or spiders today then. All is mellow with me. . My visit to the […]

This Is My Yukky Day!

Hi, . So it is Wednesday….so far so good….but today I have my first visit to a new dentist…so, not so good now! . Along with most of you, a visit to the dentist’s is not my idea of a fun happening, most especially not with a new one….and you have decide who to choose […]

George Harrison Was Definately Here.

Hey, . I hope that I find you bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning, and that this particular Tuesday day is starting very well for you. . I am very good myself today and am really feeling glad to be alive. . Some days are just like that aren’t they ….  ones where everything is that […]

Doesn’t Time Pass Quickly.

Hey, . This is something I liked … along with many other people. Having very much admired such presentations . . ! . These particular YouTube clips have been uploaded by  a girl calling herself ‘madandcrazychild’… I have no idea who she actually is. . It a quite fascinating, because she has been taking pictures […]