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January 2012

84 Days To Change Your Life.

Hey, . How are you today then! I hope that you are feeling bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. . Perhaps you may be feeling a bit depressed because you are not keeping to your New year resolution(s). . Just in case you were inspired to make a decision cut the calories calories, get fitter and slimmer ….  […]

Is It All Just ‘Pants’.

Hey, . Did you have an interesting ride on your particular subway recently! Were you a bemused observer on the latest ‘No Pants Day’. . This is a day of exhibitionism which has become a much enjoyed annual event for many people worldwide. . When ‘No Pants Day’ began about a decade ago, it may […]

Haiku: In My Place.

In My Place. . . Walk on in my shoes Feel the sharpness of the stone – See how your feet bleed. . .  

Better The Devil You Know?

Hey, . While lying in the bath this morning (no shower available at present), I had a thought! . Is our life pre-ordained. Do we have to live through an obstacle course pre-set by our behaviour during a past life, or lives. . Is life random, depending upon the actions of each person at each […]

Simon’s Cat.

Hi, . …. and a good morning to you… . Now we are well into 2012, and the recent Christmas/New Year festivities seem long gone. So, with the recent gale force winds and extremely cold weather….we need a laugh! . During the holidays I was introduced to Simon’s Cat, of which I was previously totally […]

Poem: Love Me Do.

Love Me Do. . . Although I would move Both the heavens And the earth for your love, The simple truth is That it is not in my remit But in yours. . .  

Face Of Jesus Toaster.

Hello, . . I thought you might like to know about what turned out to be one very popular Christmas Present for 2011. . It is something which is usually considered to be somewhat boring at the best of times …. a toaster …. and no, not the lusted-after Dualit! . This particular desirable object […]

On A Plate. AnimaNaturalis.

Hello, . It is amazing to me how many people are actually prepared to put their money where their mouth is, like the members of AnimaNaturalis. . This group was started in about 2003, and is trying to change . . They stage inventive, eye-catching and publicity catching protests to further their understandable aims. . […]

Escalator Terror.

Hey; . This is just to help cheer you up, as today’s sad post may have left you somewhat depressed. . I know that such things always upset me, although we obviously need to know about such things in order to prevent them! . Anyway, I thought you might like to see what happens when […]

Is Cheap Meat Worth The Cost!

Hey. . I thought about a bacon sandwich this morning but I just could not actually do it. I think that I may end up a bloody vegetarian through the sheer shame of the way we allow farm animals to be treated on the way to the dinner table. Why, for the sake of even […]