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February 2012

Half Head Man.

Hi, . For some time now, there have been mug-shot pictures of a man on YouTube, a man who appeared to have only half of his head. . Most people said that it was the result of Photoshop alterations, but now it seems that the truth is that it is possible to recover as normal […]

Texting Can Be Dangerous!

Hey, . Something technological for you today. . It is noticeable that people are completely addicted to texting nowadays. . Big H and I were recently surprised to see what happened when some uniformed young ladies, who had just left school for the day, got onto a bus we were travelling back home on. The […]

Cats’ Love Them Mousies!

Hello. . If you have a cat, and you spare no expense to make your furry friend happy, then this post is definitely for you. . The RSPCA in Australia have created three games called the ‘Affection Collection’ that can be played on an iPad …. by your cat! Kitty Chef is a game about […]

Furious Parent Shoots Disrespectful Daughter’s Computer

Hi, . Today’s post is about parenting …. and discipline. . This is the tale of an angry parent in America who has a 15 year old daughter. . This daughter wrote at length on her Facebook page, which was blocked to her parents, about how totally pissed-off she was with her family life and […]

Proactiv At Boots! Clear Up Your Spots And Pimples For £39.99?

Hello, . Although your reputation may be spotless …. are you? . Boots have done it again. I think that they will have  on their stores in the UK tomorrow (Feb. 15th)! . The stores are launching a new product which is already used by millions world-wide, and by celebrities in particular. Katie Parry is […]

It’s Doggone Good Stuff!

Hi, . My goodness, I seem to be watching a lot of the most popular YouTube videos at the moment …. and yet more doggy things! . Obviously I don’t have a lot on my mind! . I quite liked the one of Smitty when he discovered the film Marmaduke. . The beautiful dog’s owner came […]

The Italian Job.

So, . Something very inventive is coming your way very, very, soon. . Soon, you will need to buy your dog a new dogfood. It will need to be Bakers Complete Meaty Meal …. or else! . Soon, there will be a new advert coming to a television screen near to you …. and your […]

Nick McKaig Rocks The Simpsons.

Hey,   Today I want to tell you about someone who is a totally talented singer and musician. This guy is awesome, and should be heard. . He is 23 and left the  recently. He studied music. . There is proving to be a lot of interest in his uploads on YouTube, especially his wonderful […]

Oh-Oh …. Here We Go Again!

Hi, . We have lots of  activity this year. The sightings just keep on coming. This is one of the latest. The strange light was spotted over London, and uploaded it on 6th Feb. . Unfortunately, although stimulating interest in viewers, there is great scepticism because of the lack of detail and the fact of […]

Live TV: American Anchorwoman Bitten In Face By Rescued Dog.

Hi, . A few weeks ago Big H and I went out for one of our walks. We met a loose dog and his owner, a pair we had met a few times before, since the man’s previous dog had died and he had chosen a lovely little replacement puppy. . We talked for a […]