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February 2012

Is This Actually The Monster- On Film!

Hey, . This is the week for my ‘Mysteries And Wonderments’ section. . First the ‘s and now the fabled monster ‘Lagarfijotsormurinn’, who is believed to have lived in the freshwater glacially-fed Lake Egilsstoir in the east of Iceland, since he was first reported as being seen in the 1300’s. . Although he is known […]

‘Full Service’. Secret Hollywood Sex Lives.

Hi, . I don’t know what style of book you enjoy reading but most of us like the odd bit of insider knowledge about the sex lives of the stars. Especially those incredible idols of the 1940’s, where all of their secrets were assiduously protected by the Hollywood publicity machine. Stars like Cary Grant and […]

Will You Want Ice With That!

Hey, . Now, as you  know, I am not usually very complimentary about , but today it makes a nice change to write about something pleasant. Pretty things are happening again in Northern , on the edge of Beijing. . It is the end of the traditional Lunar Festival and it is being celebrated by […]

Acid Attack Victim Has Her Sight Restored.

Hi, . Just a bit more about the arduous journey of healing which brave Katie Piper is undergoing since being the unfortunate victim of an awful . . She is now 29 and has many sessions of facial reconstruction and other procedures to get through. But things have been gradually improving and she is looking […]


Hi, . As you know, I do like to bring you different sorts of things, but there is really not much that is truly new in this world of ours. . Some time ago I showed you the woman who has  to be incredibly tiny. . Now there is great interest in another woman who […]

I Want One! I Want One! In Every Colour!!!

Hello, . Cars can cause many problems in a world which would be greener. Pollution! Oil extraction and it’s resulting worldwide unrest! Clogged roads! Ever expanding motorways! Speeding! Accidents! Road rage! . This great clip from Top Gear says it all for me!!! . . Is this the future! . . .

Something A Bit Different.

Hey, . Today is a cold one. I was up very early again this morning, to be greeted by frigid air and icy white roofs once more. . The forecast is that the weekend will be -10, and with inches of snow to boot…. but we will have to see! . Obviously a good time […]

The UFO’s Keep Coming In 2012!

Hey Peeps, . More strange and  going on again all over the world. . On January 27th there were reports of a blue UFO with red lights, which was seen passing slowly over Utah. A gentleman called Anthony Piceno took the following film of it, which was later shown on The Weather Channel. . Weather […]

The Incredible Balancing Dog!

Hey, . I just love this. . myself! . . . . And no, I could not do that