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April 2012

Logging Off.

  My beloved Big H died on Saturday April 28th 2012. . . Missing You. . How strange to know I shall not see you again Except in my memories, Where we shall still walk And talk together As we always did. …..jaksie. . .        

Wonderful Quotes: Freidrich Nietzche.

Quote:Friedrich Nietzsche.     ‘When you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.’   . .

Mysterious Green Cloud Over Moscow.

Hi,   Big scare in Russia yesterday morning.   The residents of Moscow woke up and were stupefied to see the sky. It was green.   Apparently there is a ‘green cloud’ hanging over the place.   There were many panicked reports on Twitter etc. and officials struggled to calm the fears of the worried […]

Wonderful Quotes: Oscar Wilde.

Quote: Oscar Wilde.     ‘ Hard work is simply the refuge of people who have nothing whatever to do.’

Wonderful Quotes: Kate Moss.

Quote: Kate Moss.     ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’.   . .

Tree House: A Work Of Art In Canada.

Hi,   Oh, how I love to see something pretty …. and in my opinion I have just seen another pretty thing. Up in a tree …. and no, it is not a bird.   This particular pretty thing is not only unique and beautiful, it is also totally not legal.   Once upon a […]

The Curious Case Of ‘The Glasses From Boots Opticians’.

Hi,   And so we eventually get to the end (?) of the long running saga about my useless new glasses from . As you will remember, it took quite a lot of upsetting arguments with the shop staff before they would actually give me another eye examination when I went back to report that […]

Save Your Blushes.

Hey,   Today I have decided to tell you about an excellent way of avoiding possible embarrassment.   I don’t know about you, but if you read a lot you can come across words that you have never actually used in the normal everyday conversations that you have. It seems so obvious what they mean […]

More Hope For Loch Ness Monster Hunters.

Hey,   Well, here we go again, some things never die down for very long.   There is  huge excitement once more in Scotland. Recently more possibilities have been raised in the vexing question about whether there actually is a real  or not. This argument has been going on for many years and still has […]

Poem: Scary.

Scary.   Do we all have those skeletons In our cupboards. The thought does rattle me. . .