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April 2012

BIG Bargain!!!

Hey,   As you know, I was fortunate enough to be given a Kindle for one of my Christmas pressies …. and I love it. I have read heaps of free e-books from Amazon in the last couple of months, and it has been wonderful   During the recent heatwave both Big H and I […]

Haiku: Life Choice.

Life Choice. . There is always pain – Both in the form of loving, Or in not loving. . .

Ice And Fire.

Hi,   What weird weather we are having here at the moment. . Yesterday, the mood changed at midday, when the skies darkened and became very low and heavy. Then the snow began falling with a vengeance. it was also extremely windy, so that we watched the huge snowflakes flying sideways past the windows. And […]

Haiku: Glory.

Glory.   These are shy flowers – Made into a daisy chain For tangled red hair.   .

Is It A Ghost?

. . Japanese woman walks through a ghost. On film. . . That is weird!

More Of The Same.

Hey,Hey,   And so it goes on …. and on. We have a most wonderful day again today. It is real designer stuff, with all of the things you would request if you were ordering one from a ‘blue skies’ provider.   Such enjoyable sunshine and heat.   I know that a lot of people […]